Your 2021 financial plans in a gif

How do you feel about your finances heading into 2021?

Yesterday I started to see the very first Christmas messaging start to appear - with “sneak peeks” of Cook’s Christmas Party menus and Brewdog’s Advent Calendar … and my first reaction was to despair as surely there’s plenty time for Christmas planning, particularly since we have no idea what it will even look like in 2020.

But … preparing financially for Christmas and the New Year, whether it is to get away to see friends and family, or gifting, or just coping with the festivities, probably should start - and then there’s always the fresh start in 2021 to look forward to, right?

So, let’s think positively about that!

Why not share a gif that reflects your view of your “Financial Outlook for 2021” … what might that look like?


giphy (1)

I will be sorting out my priorities! Aiming to be more self sufficient next year which means re-jiggling my budget to take into count all the homemade sushi and french pastries I’ve been making.


moving forward - into headwinds … but onwardsish

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I don’t usually do these but…


Well, it was worth the change in habit.

I do hope it ends up better than that :slight_smile: