You can now make international payments from Dozens (updated)

International payments are here!! (updated 24/2/2021 & 22/4/21)

With 1.5.3 (and updated with 1.12.13 and 1.14.0) any Dozens user can now make & receive payments to and from accounts outside of the UK.

To do this, go to your SPEND tab and select ‘Payments’ as normal. With the latest version of the app you will see the ‘International bank payment’ option.

The information required to set up a new payee can vary depending on the currency, so take a look at what you will need to get from the person you are paying! There is also a minimum payment of £10 (or the equivalent) just as there is with ATM withdrawals.

What currencies can I pay?

Here is the full list of countries and currencies covered so far:

Currency Country
Australian dollar (AUS) Australia
Canadian dollar (CAD) Canada
Czech koruna (CZK) Czech Republic
Danish krone (DKK) Denmark
Euro (EUR) Austria
Hungarian forint (HUF) Hungary
Norwegian krone (NOK) Norway
Polish Zloty (PLN) Poland
Swedish krona (SEK) Sweden
United States dollar (USD) USA

Latest Changes (2021)

The most observant customers may notice that there are some changes from the original 2019 list.

We’ve not yet re-configured the Hong Kong and Singapore Dollars as there is additional work to be done for these currencies, but we continue this work, so they are not currently available.

On the other hand, we’ve been able to add the Polish Zloty to extend our service across EU countries for travel and exchange closer to home.

Can I receive money into my account?

For the time being you still cannot receive payments into your Dozens account, but we hope to bring this to you along with many other useful services in the near future.

Yes, you can! With the latest update (1.14.0) all customers now have their own IBAN.

Go to Spend , under your card, tap on the ‘Card’ gear icon and you will find your account details at the top of the screen. Tap these to see full details

What do Dozens charge?

Fees for outbound payments

Dozens charges 25 basis points (0.25%) on the transaction value, and nothing else. The exchange rate you see in the app already includes the Dozens fee.

*note: for current Dozens Black customers, this commission will be refunded. In future, the app will show commission-free rates for Dozens Black subscribers at the point of the transaction, but this is not currently available.

No fees for inbound payments

There are no Dozens fees or exchange rates applied for inbound transfers. Since our accounts only hold £GBP, the originating bank will make the exchange, and once that is done, you will then receive the full converted amount in your Dozens account.

If you have any further questions about payments, then let us know here, or search the FAQ in the app. If you are still not sure about something, contact our friendly customer service team.

Do let us know how you get on with this new feature, and maybe tell us more about how you use these payments.


This looks like a great option, especially in Europe, but at least for smaller amounts the charge for accepting SWIFT payments with some banks is more than the conversion.

Not that I think it is a bad decision but what made you decide to use your own system for international payments instead of integrating TransferWise like Monzo and some others?

that’s a good question

this is something that we have been working on for a while. As we’ve said before, we like to have control over our orchestration layer so that we can choose the best options for our customers and Dozens in the longer term. Just doing the same as everyone else does not help to create difference and innovation for customers.

In this case we have learnt a lot from this implementation and getting this service live. We are still a small and very business and we need to learn more about how our customers use these services before we can refine each tool. In the longer term we may be able to take our experience and use this to build an even better tool, or negotiate the best deal for our customers with new partners.

We will be keeping an eye on how well this works and how our customers use the service, so please do let us know about your experience and send us your feedback!


Has this feature not made it to Clearbank? I was looking to see if there were IBANs available for the new account as I was keen to recommend Dozens as an option for those wanting to make it receive international payments, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.


Hi @Peter, I don’t believe we have International Payments enabled just yet (due to migration), but I’ll enquire internally about this, and get back to you as soon as I have a response :slight_smile:


Some good news to report

Euro payment are back as of today!

… other currencies are to follow shortly

With our migration, some of the other partnerships we use to provide services, including sending money abroad, also had to be rebuilt. This meant that they have been turned off for a period while we did the work and tested this.

This work also needs an app update, so yesterday’s release (which we will require customers to ensure they are using), now includes International Payments to over 19 countries that use the Euro. This was our most popular FX service so needed to be the first to come back.

Once this has been rolled out we will also complete the work on the remaining currencies and bring these back too.


Just tried this out.

I get past “Select country”, but then on the “Set up a new payment screen”, I can’t enter amounts under “You’re sending”. Can you only specify the target amount?

that is correct - at the moment, you enter the amount you expect to arrive on the receiver’s end.

I expect that we will make it possible to enter either the sending or receiving amount, but the first implementation is to focus on the amount that will be arriving. You can always tweak this value to get closer to a specific sending amount as no money is taken until you are happy with the values.

I’ve updated the original post to show that we’ve launched IBAN details for Dozens accounts, so you can now also receive money in your Dozens accounts :tada: