Would you invest in dozens?

With the video going live showing the demo of the app and members slowly filtering into the app and receiving their cards, I trust that many of you have now had a chance to check out dozens and see how feature rich it is. I would argue it’s a very promising start.

However, in order to survive and expand, I envisage at some point dozens will need more capital. This theoretically at least, could lead to a portion of that required capital being sectioned off for Crowdfunding by its users ala Monzo and Revolut (or Coconut, Chip, Wisealpha, Arro Money (ahem)).

My query, as it stands, would you be in or out should the offer to do so materialised? Reasons for your current decision?

  • In
  • Out
  • Undecided
  • I just want to see the results

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What do you mean by investing? My logic here is that by buying a 5% bond you are investing in Dozens. Its profit model is completely different to a normal fintech

Crowdfunding. For shares rather then in a corporate bond.

Apologies if it wasn’t totally obvious.

No just Dozens revenue stream is to sell large bonds in smaller quantities(its a secondary bond market) I don’t think it needs to crowdfund. But I would buy if it went to crowdfunding

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WiseAlpha does a version of fractional corporate bond selling and has had two raises (I think) so far.

It’s incredibly hypothetical I know, but I quite like to see current mindsets and trends.

yeah I think I think Dozen’s plan is act like a Broker and buy £10million of X bond then sell much smaller tranches of say x bond at £1000 each(or this is at least how I understand it). I think WiseAlpha is just a platform to allow you access whereas Dozens is diluting it down

I would invest. It looks amazing so far.
I’d worry people would just think another fintech, however the 5% should get a lot of people interested. Be interesting to see how things go.
The plus offering from Monzo didn’t appeal to me at all, however it is still my main bank and also one I currently recommend to people (£5 incentive or not)