Working for Dozens and Project Imagine

I wouldn’t normally share this, but in the past some members of the community have mentioned to me that they had been unaware that there were some job openings at Dozens and Project Imagine, so …

In case you had not found it, there is a button on our team page that leads you here:

There are roles at the moment in Marketing, Customer Service, Tech, Data and Payments … so a pretty wide range. We try to recruit directly and personally where we can, so it would be wonderful to know that members of the We Are Dozens community might join the team.

We are still a very small startup, and we’re currently raising money, but if that sort of thing excites you and you are looking for something new and mission-driven, then do check out the roles - we’re a lovely bunch (honest!) and looking after our staff is extremely important to us. To prove it, here’s an example of what was done at the start of Lockdown to give you an idea:

Don’t contact me direct (I want to stay independent in case I get a chance to join the interviews), but do read the descriptions and send us your application

… oh, and we really don’t care about CVs, we want to hear from YOU (so maybe brush up your LinkedIn profile and answer our questions honestly as this makes it a much more interesting interview)


Is there any kind of person requirement in any job role and is it all from London or is it something that can be done remotely

I believe the details will be in the descriptions and might be different, depending on the role

In practice, everything is remote at the moment (we have no office). However, I suspect that we will want to get back together in an office in the near future - lockdowns permitting - so there may be a future need to be close to London

This is different for the developer roles as far as I know


I’m afraid I’m gainfully employed (and these roles don’t really match anyway).

But if you are looking for non-execs, or were thinking about customer boards, then do send up a flare!