Worked perfectly in Amsterdam

I used my Mango Dozens card and the Investor card throughout my stay in Amsterdam - at the airport, hotel, restaurants and shops.

It worked perfectly every time - both contactless and chip & pin.

I’m really pleased and I’ll probably continue to use my Dozens card for future trips as well. (I used to use my Revolut card but Dozens will now replace that).


very excited to hear that, thanks for letting us know

I was in Amsterdam recently and found it all very smooth too. I have to admit I was rather taken by Amsterdam as a place to spend time as well as money.

I will have to ask around the office to see if we have any reports or data about how far afield the cards have been used so far. I did speak to a customer who was planning a trip that went as far as Uzbekistan … now that will be interesting to hear more about!

Any ideas where your future trips will take you?

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I took my Dozens card to Nepal in April and it worked perfectly there too. It facilitated some pretty ‘interesting’ decisions, such as a paragliding trip (is ‘trip’ the right word? Jump?) My partner seemed to love jumping off a cliff with only a kite attached to us, but personally it’s not something I’m planning to repeat any time soon…


I think that should at least be “adventure”, or maybe “fall” :slight_smile:

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I will possible be testing in Florida in September :wink:

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Robert, so many places I would love to visit - unfortunately constrained by time & money! My dream trip would be a tour of Japan, but will probably be a short city break to another European city (maybe Prague next).

Would also love to visit Nepal - I’m very jealous Nina. What was the highlight of the trip?

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It’s really hard to pick a highlight, but maybe the trek we did in the Annapurna region to reach a hidden glacier lake.