Women in Finance Charter

Hey there - I am impressed with your 80% female employee base, well done on championing women in financial services.

At my current role, I recently asked our CEO to pledge to only work with companies who have signed up to the Women in Finance Charter (Women in Finance Charter - GOV.UK) as I think it’s a sign of commitment of what we strive for in our company.

I just checked and noticed dozens / Project Imagine isn’t signed up to the charter yet and think it would be great if you did :smiley: The link above can help you get started!

Keep up the good work!


Will definitely check it out - thanks for sharing

Hopefully actions speak even louder than words (or signatures) on this for now :slight_smile:

Here’s our team, in case you are interested - so this is not just about women carrying out the majority of the roles, but leading our business in most areas.

Do come by the office to say hello and meet us if you are in the area

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Hi @robert - Invite accepted!

Actions do speak louder than words, and smaller companies already seem to do so much more than the biggest players in finance. I’m not suggesting people go out and sack half their male workforce, but the target for 30% female board members is still not being met by so many companies, let alone getting to 50%… :frowning:

Any plans for International Women’s Day on Friday? Maybe I’ll drop by then for some mango sensation :slight_smile: