Why is interest from Dozens bonds in an ISA paid out into GIA?

I opened an ISA with Dozens a few months ago, and have started receiving interest. However, on bidding on a new set of bonds this month, I find that the interest payments are paid into GIA. I was expecting to see an ISA account from which to invest from.

Why is this? Obviously we want our ISA accounts to grow so that we can reinvest tax free. But this suggests that should I max out my Dozens ISA with bonds, it’ll chuck out all my interest into GIA, and my ISA value will still be £20k.

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Your interest payments are actually staying in your ISA (as they should) but the app is incapable of displaying your ISA and GIA separetely. You need to contact customer support to get clarification on how much money is in each account and how much of your ISA subscription you’ve used.

It’s a big problem and has been discussed on here for more than a year. Not clear when Dozens will fix it

In-app segregation of GIA and ISA is needed


Good question and thank you @o99 for the answer.

This is correct. The interest on bonds held in an ISA is paid back into the ISA wrapper, but at this moment, this is not visually displayed in the app.

This is an area of the app we are working on and hope to bring you very soon. If you need any clarification of balances in your account, do reach out to customer service in the interim.

This is obviously terribly misleading and I may have already messed up my ISA by withdrawing money in previous months. The app is objectively unambiguously wrong. And it’s been this way since the start?!


We are sorry of this has confused you. It should not have “messed up” anything unless you are very close to your £20k annual limit, but if you are at all concerned, do get in touch and we can give you the necessary statements so you can check.

As I said, we are working on this actively now. It was a major project, and was well underway when the Wirecard debacle last year made us have to make a dramatic refocus on moving and rebuilding our systems, so our developers have had their (virtual) hands full with that since then, but we are getting back to these issues now.

We can’t really discuss your individual details in this forum, but I’m sure that one of the team would be happy to look into this and help you if you write in via the chat or email.

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