Why I'm switching back to Monzo (for now)

I’ve had a Monzo account for a long time, unused. My primary account is Starling, and I’ve been using Dozens for my daily spending (lunch money, basically).

I want Dozen’s budgeting features to be great, but there are some holes I’ve talked about before. I’ve just glanced at the new look track screen, and I see things I like, but probably the most significant issue hasn’t been fixed?:

It won’t learn and can’t seem to be told that transactions at a particular location should fall under my “lunch” budget. I’ve now added 6 “retailers” that are all the same 1 or 2 terminals that I pay for my lunch on. It still either categorises them as general or “eating out”. I give up. (If it could keyword match the name of the retailer, case-insensitive, or be location-based, it would work.)

The nail in the coffin is the new and unnecessary requirement to insert the card and type in pin every x transactions. (To satisfy the law it could be done with a pre-emptive in-app reset of x, but even that would be annoying.)

Now Apple Pay becomes much more convenient for these payments where I don’t want to hold up the lunch queue!

So, poor categorisation and lack of Apple Pay means I’m going to switch to using Monzo for my daily spending.

I think the budget features are more simplistic there, but I’m hoping they’ll actually manage to automatically categorise all my spend at 1 merchant as 1 category.

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Same here really. I have fallen in love with Apple Pay and have therefore moved the Dozens card to the back of my wallet for the time being. Perhaps when the Visa/Clearbank alliance becomes a reality it will see the light of day again.

That, and when I can have my name show differently on the front.


Hi @sendu - thanks so much for the feedback.

This is a feature that has been in development for some time and we are hoping will be in the live app very soon. The app will remember if you re-categorise a merchant to a specific category, so that you can ensure that your lunch retailers are always ‘lunch’ and not ‘eating out’ for example.

Have you added these names to the expense line in the monthly budget already? It should already work, but I do admit there are extra steps if you need to recategorise something regularly, hence the change above.

This is not exclusive to Dozens. All payment providers are having to do this - including Monzo. This is an industry regulation, not a choice by us.

It might be that not everyone has yet implemented this fully, but we are not in a position to ignore the regulation and hope to argue the case with the authorities. We are doing our best to comply and also look after our customers - the intention (to safeguard your money) is good, after all.

At the moment, we are not in a position (technically) to offer alternative ways to authenticate the card other than using the chip-and-pin. We are looking at other ways and we do hope there will be alternatives for you in future.

ApplePay (and all) will be available once we switch to our new systems with Visa and ClearBank, so maybe we can get you to take the card out of the wallet once you get your replacement?!

We will hopefully have news on this ‘front’ (!) too soon


Not sure what you mean by that, but as mentioned, under [“Edit your budget” → “Regular monthly expenses” → Lunch] I have 6 “Retailers” that are all actually the same place, and “Add a retailer” doesn’t find any more that match this place.

I know it’s a regulation, but the implementation didn’t have to be done that way. It’s good that you’re considering a change for the better in future, but as I understand it Revolut got it right from the start.

Anyway, even with an improvement in this area I think contactless is dead for me thanks to this regulation, so ApplePay is the only way forward now.

I’ll certainly give Dozens another try when ApplyPay and remembered categories are implemented though, thanks.

an alternative route is to find the expense in your weekly budget (click on the day to see all expenses). You can then click on the three dots next to the amount and select “Add to monthly expenses”. This adds this transaction - and associated retailer/category, to the appropriate expense line in your monthly budget, or you can even create a new one at this stage.

This was the only option for Dozens at the moment. We work with a particular payment processor and do not have the option to manage the tracking of the contactless use ourselves. In that case, the only option to be compliant with the regulations was to offer chip-and-pin.

Being able to control this flow is exactly why we are always looking to improve our orchestration layer, and why we are upgrading systems at the moment. However, not everything can be done from day 1 so this is the best solution at the moment.

excellent! We’re all looking forward to seeing these things live.