Who is dozens as a person

Hi guys, Over the coming weeks I am sure we’ll be having more in depth conversations about dozens.

Before we do this, I’d love to do a little exercise with you all. From what you know about dozens so far, If dozens was a person, what kind of a person would they be…?

Hi Dani

I just came to know dozens and I am pretty impressed by another newcomer in the FinTech world. I am already user of quite few others Monzo, Revolut, TransferWise and Starling to name few :slight_smile:

Was wondering is there a possibility to get early access to Beta version of the app?



Hey Sando! I am Katja, part of the dozens team! Welcome to our community! Yes, you can get early access, by signing up to the waitlist at https://dozens.com! We will notify you as soon as the product is live!

The friendly engineer type, ie, recognises there is a problem, gets to fix it (with a LOT of redundancies built-in), and is quite matter of fact about it.


Interesting question. I think we’d need to see a bit more of the product before we can start seeing its personality! :slight_smile:


Dozens would be like Batman, slightly pretentious and elitist as a facade, but a true man of the people! I hope…

Ps. I am currently watching The Dark Knight and this may have shaped my reply :sunglasses:


Enthusiastic entrepreneur you meet at a Meetup, and quite like, check out their website and watch their progress with interest. Or is that too literal?

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I like that! In fact, we should make it happen. We will put together an event where we can all meet up. Watch this space :slight_smile: