Where Am I?

Well in a bizzare coincidence, given I’ve been here before… I never realised just how small a world it is…

View from my hotel last night…

View out the front

View from my training room window…



he he - not sure if this qualifies as a tough question to Ask @AC but love the fact you were so close by. Shame it was Sunday night or we could have said hello.

We’re the office in the very bottom left of your Docks photo.

What was the training?

Sorry about that, I couldn’t figure out which category I should use for ‘unintentional stalking’

I’m here for AWS Security until Wednesday and was here last year for Advanced Architechting on AWS, just didn’t realise the significance of it at the time.

It’s certainly a nice building!


haha maybe we should add ‘unintentional stalking’ to the list! :joy:


As much as I’d like to claim to have influenced a fin-tech in its decision making process in my performance review… I’m not sure that’s what I want to be remembered for :joy: