What's your favourite non-financial app on your phone?

“What is your favourite app on your phone at the moment? Which one do you go to most often - or feel is important to your life? Is there something you would have trouble living without? Tell me about it - I’d love to know what you think is great, and why - I might even install it myself”

This is a question I like to ask in interviews (though having written this here, I might now have to think of a new one).

I was recently part of an interview panel while we hired a number of people for different roles in customer-facing teams, and I thought I would use some of my time to see how well the candidates could describe apps they were already familiar with. Would they enthuse me with their passion and make me want to install it too?

I thought it might be fun to find out what YOU love - beyond fintech and banking, and hopefully also beyond the ‘usual suspects’ in social media.

Is there an app that makes your life better you could share with us?

I will start this off …

I only recently installed the app itself, but I’ve used the site for some time. If you are a bit of a data geek and love complex stuff being displayed simply, … or you are just British … you will love Windy.com

This app is the absolute must for lovers of weather, weather data, weather maps, curious travellers, gardeners, walkers, surfers and basically anyone who gets outside - which is a lot fewer of us these days, granted.

Windy I believe started as a great tool for surfers or sailors who wanted a more accurate and localised weather display, but it has become a most amazing tool for watching mesmerising wind-flow patterns across the world, and tracking approaching thunderstorms.

I’ve switched to this as my default weather tracking app and I do encourage you to take a look. The app is free, but has more localised data and some additional content if you need it for a premium subscription.

Do let me know if you install it


I have so many apps on my phone lol

Komoot is by far one of my favourite apps, I’m exploring, biking, it’s the best map app I’ve come across. Lets you actually see the terrain, avoid really steep passes, being in Italy at the moment, surrounded by mountains actually seeing the difference is great.


sounds very useful - sadly I’m not much into cycling … yet. I have a feeling that cycle-commuting lies in my future, so I had better get used to it, but few mountain passes between SE London postcodes and the City

How much do you cycle? Is this an occasional thing, or are you one of those who’ve got all the kit?\

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I only bike casually, just so easy to explore places by bike, and cheaper than cars, easier than cars, when back in the UK I shall get a bike and continue, living in Hertfordshire, I have lots of places to explore.

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There’s two I can’t live without.

:broccoli: The ‘Tasty’ app has had my back quite a few times, especially as a gluten free veggie. You input favourite style of dishes and any requirements and it has a HUGE catalog of free recipes with a video tutorials. You can also search by ingredient so if you have lots of courgettes in the fridge (daily struggle for me), you can easily find new ways of using them up.

:musical_note: The second is a bit obvious, but Spotify has to hands down be the best app ever. Other than its usual features, I love that it has integrations with other apps such as Shazam, and even tells me when there’s gigs of my favourite artists. Haven’t gone a day without it!

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What 3 words: no excuse for meeting someone or picking something up from the wrong location


oh yes! I keep forgetting about it - do you use that regularly as a stand-alone app or does it integrate with other mapping tools?

I think I discovered it in June 2019 … here’s a little bit of fun trivia, the :dozens: and :pi: office used to be at:

Spotify is an app I use every day for most of the day. Best mood/mind setter for working from home.

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Tower Bridge?

ah, yes! Spotify - good call @JuB, I use that a lot too. Less so on mobile now that I’m at home though - I tend to stream to my laptop on my desk for the speakers and to keep my mobile … mobile.

correct! We were on the top floor of the north side of International House (where the WeWork is) which is part of St Katharine’s Dock (I miss the boats) and that square is where my desk would have been at the time.

We later moved to the other end of the building on the ground floor, but we’ve moved out and have no ‘office’ now - we are truly WFH!

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Mine would be Citymapper. Not something I use a lot ATM, working from home and all that, but an absolute boon if you’re city based (and a really fast growing list of cities that are covered too), and do go to places that are not familiar to you.
Not only it integrates a massive dataset (from bus live timings to things like taxis, including booking, and walks, with all sort of options from fastest to most pleasant/scenic), but it does it seamlessly (I have never seen so much stuff under one roof, that doesn’t clash or overwhelm the user).
It learns your behaviour, without being creepy, and despite the company doing really well, they’ve kept a sense of humour that only a startup could have (LOADS of easter eggs in there).
And, to answer another post, it does include WhatThreeWords integration to boot, what more could you want?

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I’ve heard a number of people mention CityMapper, including @katja I think, but I’ve never got around to using it.

I tend to go to places I already know (I’m not much of a fan of going out about town, and not just recently) but you definitely make it seem worth exploring further … that’s another for my install list then :slight_smile:

Yup, even just as a data guy, to gawp at how easy they make it look, worth a punt. Edit : Just remembered Katja’s former field, and yeah, logical, that app is a massive obsession for architects, urbanists, and built environment buffs, so it makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a bunch of apps from Google which I wouldn’t want to be without - in particular Google Maps, Google Photos and Gmail. Also pretty happy with MS Outlook for work email and calendar.

But if we’re talking favourite or most important apps that don’t come from the tech giants I’d go with 1Password, Pocket Casts, and Spotify.

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Definitely a fan of Windy for weather. Zap Map is a must as an EV driver, Bitwarden for passwords etc and a worthy mention to TrainPal for rail split ticketing.

… great hopes of course for Dozens 2.0 :slight_smile:


I’m heavily dependent on Google apps and alsoa heavy user of Newsblur to aggregate hundreds of daily web updates. But, like @Tor, one of my favourites is a public transport app. My choice is called Jakdojade which allows me to get around the major towns and cities in Poland like a local. The servers use a comprehensive dataset of real-time feeds from public transport authorities and local highway authorities to optimise route planning on the app. A simple app backed up by dependable, real-time data - it helps make my time in Poland so much more enjoyable.

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I installed it!! Very nice :+1:

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I think my current favourite has to be Airport.

Let’s me play with lots of new apps on my iPhone.