What's the best branded merchandise you've ever received?

I have to admit I’m partial to the Dozens chocolate coins (for research purposes) and I use my Dozens charger most days for my phone or headphones … and maybe not enough call for physical pens these days??

Can you think of anything you’ve ever received or picked-up at an event that you actually use (so is not wasted plastic) and was positive for the business you got it from?

I do remember that stress balls were all the rage in the past - but I’ve never been sure about associating your brand with an object you feel the need to squeeze the life out of. I do have a soft spot for t-shirts if the message is clever and branding is subtle (or a charity you want to promote).

I am considering trying to get something that would be meaningful for active community members but I have no idea what to suggest to the team (within reason of course - custom branded yachts not included!)

Google had a competition, you entered and they would send you exclusive Chromebook Stickers, the actual stickers turned out to be attached to a Chromebook, so that was the best branded item I’ve ever received probably.

My favourite item is probably my Amazon desk tidy with all the accessories, I’ll have to take a pic when I’m back in the UK.

I have a lot of branded things, I get around lol Tastiest was the chocolate from Starling. Socks and a tote bag from Virgin I actually use.


Ooh, nicely played Google!

Sadly we don’t have that sort of budget (as much as we’d like to give out free Chromebooks).

Would love to see those pictures - having something that is actually used is important otherwise this is so wasteful.

We actually have some cool designs for possible tote bags - my very creative colleagues have done some great work so I’m hoping to get those to share.

I’ve got 10 three tote bags I get one of each outbound flight, I give them to friends and family. So they come in handy but not for me

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Best goodies ever, facing me all the time I am using my laptop: a sliding webcam cover


Now I want a mango Dozens one :scream:


Now I’m jealous, I want all that dozens branded merch! I’m also available to test new recipes of coins…

I must say I do enjoy a freebie pen, and use them to the last, but then I’m guilty of just throwing them away rather than getting a refill :frowning:

One of the best freebies I’ve had was the backpack i got at Microsoft Ignite last year, it was pretty sturdy and had a million zip pockets, including an insulating one, perfect when you’re travelling with a little one, you can have wipes, snacks and drinks coming out of every pocket as required :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure that a dozens one in full bright yellow would be a good idea though! Maybe a Saville row grey or black with dozens logos and yellow striping.

Water bottles are also handy, as long as they have a good seal. I’ve had a few free ones if these which are made from not very durable plastic and have shattered and leaked from being dropped.

I also love a good key chain, I collect them from everywhere I’ve been :slightly_smiling_face:

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that’s great - thanks for the feedback. Backpacks are potentially great, but a bit more personal whether they are right for you or not which is a challenge considering the cost

well, there’s always the shareholder colour scheme - :investor: :slight_smile:

How big is your collection?

I feel that there is maybe a connection between savers and collectors … maybe something to explore?!

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Yeah, I appreciate a backpack is not for everyone!

Ah I didn’t know the shareholder colour scheme, not one of the cool people :sob::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve never counted but it is a very heavy couple of tins. 5kg maybe?

Could be right there, it’s a hoarding gene!

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I think any of these would be good bits of kit to have. Both useful and reusable so not throwaway.

I always use little rucksacks when on holiday etc. But the coffee holder has the wider appeal.

I agree a pen is always an easy winner.


I’m a bit of a sucker for freebies, I have to admit. Have to admit that the two hoodies I got from you guys (first meetup then insta comp) are in heavy rotation here, mainly, as Robert mentioned, because they are great quality (little things, like the pockets INSIDE the front pocket, sheer genius), and extremely subtle, with the sleeves just having a DOZENS logo in white. It could be anything (admittedly, not amazing for brand buildup), but I know that if they’d been with the usual ‘‘I am a human promotional placard’’ design, it would have been a thanks but no thanks.
When it comes to the smaller stuff, I tend to go for the things I use. Pens, frankly, are not part of this as I can barely write any more, same with stationery. But I got last year from a tech brand I got involved with a really cool concept, a USB C/micro USB charger, not only useful per se, but the design makes it into a bracelet, so you can carry it with you always (absolute boon now that public transport is starting to have USB plugs)


Thanks so much @Tor @Trub and @OwerdnA - Some great ideas!

I do like the sound of the charger / bracelet Tor - I have seen these but wasn’t sure if people would use them? I have to say I am tempted myself

I think they probably will have a rather short life cycle, tbh, as mine is starting to look a bit tatty at the plug ends, but it IS massively useful (though one thing I’d love is if they made them with the data pins off, so it can ONLY charge, way safer that way). Oh, and maybe a belt version, as the 20 or so centimeters it gives is fine if on a desk next to a laptop, but might get dicey if the plug is, let’s say, on the back of a seat.

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When I take part in a running event I sometimes get a goodie bag with some nice (and not-so nice) branded goods.

My fave by far has been the Buff, and if you have a Brutal Events one it’s like a badge of honour/stupidity!

Goodness! What is that?

(I’m not a runner)

Mwahaha, did a jurassicman quite a few years ago, had to drop out as my ankle just blew up. These guys are sadists :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They are lovely people organising bonkers tris and races in Wales, of the ‘’ come on, you CAN cycle through that raw curtain of death by rain’’ type :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a simple, yet extremely functional, stretchy tube of material - and not just for runners.

Primary you wear it round your neck like a scarf, cover your chin and nose (cyclists love this in winter!!) as a headband, hat, covering ears. Our dog even wears one sometimes too!!

Maybe not your cup of tea in the tech world? But they’re low cost, different and last longer than a pen.

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For me, definitely a power bank. Just a small power bank to charge a phone as it’s something very useful and everyone has a phone. A “one size fits all” kind of gift. Would love a mango coloured power bank if there will be any going in the future :slight_smile:


yeah, buffs are brilliant, versatile as can be, AND purely on a marketing purpose, the logo is prominent, as repeated all over.

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Nice to meet a fellow Brutal Cult member :rofl:

Being terrible at swimming I’ve never done a triathlon, now Brutal are putting on a Quin Ironman at that North Wales event… it’s so tempting.

I’ll settle for the Two’r. this year, the official unofficial double Oner (164 miles on the Jurassic Coast) :clown_face:

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