What's something you are planning to do in retirement that you don't already do?

While we are busy working, retirement can be something we “dream about” (even if at times those might be nightmares).

In that vision of your future, is there something NEW that you see yourself doing? Something you’ve either not for the time, skills or money to do today.

What is it? What kinds of things are you looking forward to?

I should probably go first.

I used to think I would never have time to do the things I would love to do but had never tried. My personal list included:

  • learning to grow and keep bonsai
  • growing my own vegetables
  • going on a long point-to-point walking holiday
  • volunteering (local community activity, including reading with children at primary school & foodbank)
  • woodworking (making stuff)

These were all “dreams” that I never imagined getting around to because they did not link to my current life or work.

However, just clarifying that these were things I wanted to do more of, meant I started actually thinking about them, and it is surprising how easy it is to go from there to actually getting started.

As it happens, I now need to knock a couple of these off my list because in lockdown I decided to give a couple of them a go.

I built several wooden structures in the garden, in order to grow vegetables, AND I started learning about bonsai (watching youtube, like the kids) and now have been finding ways to source cheaper plants to practice on (the trouble with bonsai work is the time it takes). All of these skills are very rudimentary, but at least I’ve started.

So, the biggest things I have still left on this particular list are going on a long point-to-point walk, such as the West Highland Way, and taking time to do volunteering. It would be great to have the confidence that I will be able to afford to ‘donate’ my time, instead of having to work, and the health and money to pay for the walk / accommodation / bag transport of one of these walks.

And as a bonus for reading this far, here’s one of my bonsai … still learning, so be kind!

It’s an interesting thought. I’m planning for retirement, but it seems a long way off unless I make some very good investments! (Maybe dozens will be the ones!)

I’ve made an investment with moneybox for a personal pension which allows you to withdraw from 50 if IIRC, that’s when my dad retired, at least for the 1st time. But I think that will be hard to for my generation, as you won’t get a full time salary retirement, most likely you’d get a reduced or partial pension is my understanding.

For the average person I think it’s a lot to take in, I don’t get it all.

My theory was I could perhaps reduce my hours and continue to pay into my main scheme while drawing on the moneybox one as a top up for a while, but it will depend on how much is in there by the time I’m 50!

What I actually am going to do in retirement I haven’t really thought. I’d like to travel more and see places I’ve been too busy to do now I guess. Retire to the seaside :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing.

This is what I was realising. In general, we don’t have realistic or specific goals in mind for our retirement, so how can we know if we have ‘enough’ (that includes having too much in a pension that you can’t access when in fact you might need it for something beforehand)?

It would be interesting to explore what we imagine for ourselves in ‘retirement’ and what that means to us.

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This may change but I’ve never planned on retiring.

I like working so my goal is to be able to work, travel and generally do things how I want when I want.

For example if I have a good team working for me I can leave them to get on with things but jump back into work if they need me or when I feel like.

Equally I decide I want to travel I want to be able to clear my diary and go