What is the turnaround time for getting your bond money back?


Firstly, super excited to be onboard, Dozens looks like a fantastic and interesting (fun?) way to budget and save. Looking forward to my activation.

I’m looking at a way for the 5% bonds to work their best for me, knowing that I’ll need to get my hands back on that money at some point.

Here are a few examples…

Mortgage overpayment fund (5% is better than my current mortgage rate)
Tax return ‘savings pot’.
Quarterly VAT return ‘pot’… currently at 0.05% on my Lloyds ‘Business Call’ account!

My question is, how long would it take to get the money back out again.


Its instant - the money sweep from the Trust account is in the background but we update your balance in Cash Savings right away.


Wow, that’s impressive!

I’m just awaiting my card, once activated I’ll start experimenting, if that’s the right word, and provide feedback as to how I get on. If I need some help or guidance I’ll let you know. Thanks.