What is Financial Wellbeing?

I helped to write the following blog post on the subject of Financial Wellbeing and I would really appreciate your thoughts on the subject:

Helping our customers with their overall “wellness” by encouraging positive financial behaviour is exactly why Dozens was created.

Without some basic financial confidence it is hard to make plans for other aspects of life, so while money does not buy happiness, it does give you the ability to make choices. These choices are personal; it might be to be personally healthier and fitter, or to campaign for a healthier environment for your children to grow up in. In any case, your options and choices increase if you have the opportunity to plan ahead.

I hope to explore ideas for what our choices are, and how we plan to be able to afford them, in this new #wellness category of the Dozens community.

What are your plans? What would make you feel more in control? Most importantly, what would make you happier and enjoy life more?