What have you achieved during lockdown?

Living in lockdown will not have been our preferred way to do it, but a change in our everyday habits and routines can have benefits.

We now have time, … a lot of time …, to think about how we fill our days. Getting through the day is an achievement in itself, of course. We particularly think about all those who have already had to deal with Covid-19, and their families.

For those of us doing what we’ve been asked to do, and stay home, there are plenty of distractions, but there are also good reasons for doing something positive that we’ve been putting off for ages.

Have you managed to do anything (yet) that you’re particularly proud of?

  • Have you started cooking more creatively?
  • Maybe you’re one of the millions who are doing ‘PE with Joe’ or ‘singing with Gareth’?
  • Maybe you’re learning a new skill?

Hopefully these stories will inspire us to try something new ourselves

Knowing we were about to be asked to stay home for an extended period, my wife and I popped out to our local DIY store (with what felt like thousands of others) and stocked up on paint and rollers.

We’ve been meaning to paint our bedroom for ‘a while’ (probably a few years if I’m honest) so with no excuses for not getting on with it, I spent most of Easter weekend covered in paint splatters.

The result is certainly worth it, and I got some free exercise for arms and ladder-climbing legs. On the negative side, the colour we got for one wall was NOT AT ALL what we expected and since we couldn’t replace it, we’ll just have to live with it.

In related news, this might be why my fingerprint ID on the laptop and phone is not being recognised:


Well I’ve got 6 Alliance characters at lvl 120 and I’m hoping to get these up there next :slight_smile:


Then I can start looking at my Horde characters…


dare I ask what this is? I am sure it is a great achievement … I am just not sure at what :slight_smile:

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I’ve just been doing… more work! It’s quite a good distraction

That and Zelda, of course

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After having taken a long hiatus from WoW, I recently got hyped for it again and am now scrambling to catch up on my main :rofl: I wish I was furloughed so I had the time to do everything I want to do in the game lol


We should start a Guild to help you out - call it Baker’s Dozen, have 13 members, but must master cooking as your secondary profession. :laughing:


Got a new place so definitely keeping myself busy with DIY (and always some silliness!) :crown:

(Don’t mind the RBS logo it’s an old t-shirt for dirty jobs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


That’s a nice big project to keep you busy - as long as you can get all your materials?! How has that been?

I have to admit I love the colour scheme of the crown :wink:


Went for dark blue walls and yellow armchairs :yellow_heart::blue_heart:

To be fair, pretty easy to get some.supplies thanks to click and collect contact-free with Wickes.
It’s just down the road so not too bad. People at behaving well.

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You’re not alone, I always DIY in my best jewels :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s really good to hear. What DIY bits (if any) do you think you’re saving money on?

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Turns out, it didn’t actually take all that long for me to catch up :smiley: I actually got my hunter geared for raid finder ny’alotha within a couple of days, and then after 3 days of approx 3-4 hours in a raid finder group, got N’Zoth down :smiley: BFA flying and all of the alliance allied races took a little longer, but I have them now :grin:

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We spruced up our kitchen! FINALLY got rid of those offensive tiles and did it all within our budget.

Whose house is also looking a little more fresh? :sponge: :hammer: :paintbrush:




Must be something wrong with me, I prefer the colourful ones :thinking:

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it’s a lovely kitchen either way - I quite liked the colourful ones too, but the new look is elegant, plus I see you did some nice boxing-in of the pipes.

Who is the chef who cooks with copper pots though!!??

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haha they were pretty unique but weren’t quite our vibe. Plus we need to compete with the rest of the country’s home improvements. :smile:

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Ah our most recent investment. They are incredible, completely non-stick and aesthetic as an added bonus.

Lol :joy: quality those finger prints can be a pain!!!

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