What happens when I freeze my Dozens card?

UPDATE 2021: This is an archived topic as the content relates to the previous version of the app. This is for the record. Please see final post for current app process

I’ve been asked by several members here (and on other forums) how the Dozens ‘freeze card’ function works in more detail. For example (by @Neil) :

Just discovered that if you freeze your card in Dozens, it freezes your whole account (including payments into it and out by non-card means.

Many mobile banking and financial apps now offer this functionality, but how it gets implemented, and what the impact is, will vary according to the particular institution, so it is important to understand your provider’s approach.

In Dozens’ case, the following applies:

At present the Freeze Card process on Dozens freezes not just the card transactions, but also the customer’s account.

Our card processor is currently the authority for all transactions – top ups, bank transfers and card transactions. Therefore, every transaction (wherever it comes from) is logged against the card, so the card processor system is always kept up to date and your balance is correct.

If the card is frozen, we can’t log top ups or bank transfers against the card and therefore, ‘freeze card’ actually freezes the account.

It’s a bit like turning the water off at the mains rather than having individual stop-valves. The card ‘freeze’ allows us to protect a customer’s account should there be any urgent issue. Some other financial institutions may use this function differently, however, our goal is to have a way to stop any water damage when this is required.

We’ve been working on this, but as you’ll imagine, updating this process requires a great many elements of our structure to be changed. This was one of several drivers for our move to new partners, including ClearBank and Visa. We do plan to allow customers to freeze cards independently from the account in future, but this is not available today.

If you do freeze your card and there is a bank transfer coming in, we can sort this for you if you contact us, but in general terms, it should not be necessary to freeze your card unless there is any chance you have lost the card or there are any questions about the account.

I have added a few FAQs to the app to make this clearer and we will be adding an alert in the app to also give an extra warning to customers.

I trust that is clearer but do let me know if there are any further questions

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Woah! This is news.

Every other bank I have with a freeze card function uses it to freeze the card, not the account. And generally I freeze my cards if I don’t think I’ll be using them very much, just as a security measure.

My shareholder card is frozen and the app is working fine, so is it only the “Primary” card that can’t be frozen without freezing the account?


Correct - it is the Primary card that is the one that is linked to your ‘account’ - that is why that card is the only one that can receive transfers and is linked to your Track budget.

Appreciate you getting back to me on this, @robert. I must admit I’m still a bit confused as to why this implementation was chosen. As I don’t use some of my cards much (tend to use Google Pay with other cards), the ones I’m not using as regularly stay frozen as an extra level of security, but I can still access the account.

Obviously, that doesn’t work for me to do with Dozens (hence poor old @robert and the team running around trying to work out why money I’d paid in for the last bonds issue wasn’t getting through).

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As @daedal suggested in ‘another place’, would it be clearer if this function was named ‘freeze account’ rather than ‘freeze card’?


Am I understanding this correctly? If I’m unlucky enough to have my card cloned and freeze it I would not then be able to access the account via the app to move part of the balance to another card? R-

There are ways we can help you with this for the days before the new card arrives, but in principle, that is correct. The point is to keep your account secure and your money safe. If you need quick access, please contact us.

We will be changing this structure when we implement the changes to our accounts and there are a greater range of current account activities, such as direct debits and so on. This is just the “current state” which I thought I should answer to avoid the delays experienced by customers like @Neil trying to move funds for investments.


Thank you @robert for the swift response and clarity. R-

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Not going to lie Robert

This implementation from Dozens sounds like an incompetent one, it doesn’t need explaining, it needs fixing

Imagine if all my money is in Dozens and I freeze my card and now I can’t transfer it out on my own

You’re there to facilitate my access to money - not to make me ask for it from your CS that as far as I’m aware, doesn’t run 24/7

I haven’t checked them all, but the other two cards I use are both the same as this. The difference is that the other two facilitate Apple Pay, so as soon as I am notified of the new card details I can enter them into Apple Pay and spend like that until the card arrives. Dozens are going to get the Apple Pay connection sorted and then this problem, especially if you are abroad [as I will be next week] will go away. I agree that until then it is a limitation on Dozens card use. For me anyway. R-

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Can we assume this has changed with the new visa cards? I seem to be able to freeze them independently.

Or does freezing the ‘primary’ card still freeze the account… And if so, which is the primary the mango or the black?

I kind of want to freeze the mango as I have a black.

Yes, this has changed. I will need to archive this particular thread now.

As I said at the time, this was required because of the way our cards worked then, but this has been changed and we have much greater control, plus the need to maintain account actions (such as direct debits, and so on) separately from card transactions.

In answer to your questions:

  1. you can freeze / unfreeze each of your cards independently and this will only affect transactions on that specific card (including tokens for digital wallets). So that card will not be able to be used, and any payments you linked to it (e.g. recurring payments for subscriptions - NOT Direct Debits, but card transactions) will be stopped. Other cards and your account will be unaffected.

  2. you can still use your account, including Direct Debits, transfers, move to cash savings and investments, etc. while a card is frozen.

  3. there is no longer a Primary / Secondary card in the app. Both cards are currently linked to the same account, so if you have a Dozens Black card as well as a Mango card, these are independent in terms of being frozen, but they both link to the same transaction list.

I hope that answers your questions. I will leave this conversation here for reference as it is linked to elsewhere, but will close it shortly to avoid any confusion. Do feel free to post any new questions about the current app if needed.