What aspects of Dozens do you use?

I’m curious what aspects of Dozens are used by the community.
Please tick all that apply for you…

  • I don’t use Dozens - just here for the community
  • I use Dozens Spend for actual spending (i.e. not just for funnelling money in and out of Grow or Invest)
  • I use Dozens Track
  • I use Dozens Bonds (hold at least one bond in Grow tab OR recently bid for at least one bond)
  • I use Savings Wishlists (within Grow tab)
  • I use Savings Rules (within Grow tab)
  • I use Dozens Invest (hold at least one investment in Invest tab)
  • I have an ISA with Dozens
  • I have a Dozens Black account - currently free
  • I have a Dozens Black account - currently paying

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@robert There doesn’t seem to be a category on this community for general discussion of the app, apart from the lounge which isn’t available to all. So wasn’t sure where to put this.


We can leave this here, no problem.

Happy to hear any feedback on this who use any of these features :grinning:

After 19 votes it seems almost everyone on here uses Dozen’s bonds (94%). Dozen’s Spend (31%) and Dozens Invest (26%) are less widely used.

Those who don’t use Dozen’s Spend - how do you do most of your day-to-day spending? (pick one)

  • Cash
  • An e-money account from another provider (e.g. Revolut)
  • A current account with an app-first bank (i.e. Monzo or Starling)
  • A current account with a traditional bank
  • A credit card
  • Don’t have a single source which I could say I do “most” day-to-day spending from

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Those who don’t use Dozen’s Invest - why not? (pick all that apply)

  • I just don’t invest in equities or bonds (other than Dozen’s bonds via Grow)
  • One or more issues with Dozen’s Invest puts me off using it
  • No issues as such, but Dozen’s Invest has nothing to tempt me away from another platform I’m already using
  • I would use Dozen’s Invest in current form but now is not the right time for me (e.g. because using ISA subscription elsewhere)
  • Something else

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