We’re crowdfunding!

We’re very excited to announce that we will soon be launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of dozens! We’ve been blown away by the early response that we’ve had from our community - from the 300 of you who helped us build the product, to the thousands - and growing every day, of people who are now in the queue, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to own a piece of the dozens business from the start.

Our community is at the heart of what we do, and we want to grow our community so that we are always in sync with the needs and financial ambitions of our customers. And what better way to do that, than by making sure that as many people as possible are invested in dozens and our future success?

We’ll be hosting the campaign in partnership with Seedrs, one of the biggest equity crowdfunding platforms in the world in the next few weeks. To ensure that you’re one of the first in line to invest, pre-register on dozens.seedrs.com today.

And if the opportunity to invest isn’t exciting, enough, we’ll also be offering investors exclusive early rewards for backing us early, including a special branded ‘shareholder’ card. Find out more on dozens.seedrs.com.

What does it mean to invest in dozens?

For a time-limited window, anyone will be able to invest in dozens from as little as £25 (no maximums of course). Should you choose to do so, you’ll receive shares in our parent company, Project Imagine.

We’d love our community to be investors in dozens because we believe everyone should have the ability to own a part of the businesses that they use in their daily lives. It forces the business to be more transparent, and accountable to the people who matter most - the customer!

By investing through Seedrs, you’ll invest through a “nominee” shareholder, meaning that you’ll receive institutional grade investor protections, plus you’ll be able to sell your shares on the Seedrs Secondary Market, which opens once a month, if you can find a buyer. Find out more about what the nominee shareholding means for you here .

Will investors receive special perks?

For investors who are also dozens customers, there will be three different perks on offer.

Investor-exclusive bond

We’ll be carving out £250,000, a quarter of a million pounds, of our 5% bonds exclusively for our investors.

Investor events

We are serious when we say that we want our investors to be involved in shaping the future of dozens. Each quarter, we’ll host an investor evening where you’ll be able to come and ask the team any questions you like, flag any problems or suggestions for the product, and just get to know us better. We’ll then host an annual meeting for investors where we’ll review the progress we made that year and give you a sneak peak of our plans for the next!

Shareholder card

Investors will be able to show the world they’re a dozens investor with an exclusive ‘shareholder’ card. Designed by our in-house creative team, we’re dialling down the mango for one time only, and instead the card will be black (with a small hint of the unique dozens mango colour, of course!).

As mentioned, these perks will only be available to investors if they’re also a dozens customer, so that means UK residents only (for the time being).

Why do we want our community invested in us from the start?

Without people who love the dozens product, we’ll never be able to change personal finance forever. So we thought the best way to give people the opportunity to join us on our journey in a more meaningful way, would be if we offered customers and fans the chance to own a piece of dozens, and become a part of the dozens story.

Our business has been designed so that our success is aligned with our customers’. By investing in dozens, our customers will be able to share in any future success we have, plus they’ll be able to provide us with valuable feedback and insight that will make sure that we always stay on track and aligned with the people who will make dozens great.

Who are Seedrs?

Just like dozens, Seedrs believes in doing things properly.

They were the first equity crowdfunding platform in the world to become regulated, and since then they’ve facilitated over half a billion pounds of investment into startups from around Europe. Their investor product allows people to invest from as little as £10, provides investors with a portfolio from where they can monitor their investments’ performance, and they’ve even built a secondary marketplace, giving investors the opportunity to sell their shares if they ever want to.

To invest in dozens, you’ll need a Seedrs account: sign-up for one on Invest In Startups. Equity Crowdfunding For Businesses | Seedrs. All the information you need to know before making a decision about whether to invest will be presented to you by Seedrs.

And if you’ve got any questions check out their FAQs at Frequently Asked Questions | Seedrs FAQs, or ask their support team a question - they’re very friendly!








I’ve plonked my name down!


Well. I must be psychic!


Roughly what sort of time frame should we be looking at for the campaign to start? So I know when to make sure I have some money aside for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we expect a prospectus? Or any more nitty gritty details?

Also - would be great if the investment would be viewable in the Dozens App - seeing your little bit of Dozens.


Which will happen first getting my code or crowdfunding :joy:


Unfortunately we can’t say more at the moment about specific timings. All publicly available information is on that page.

If you create an account with Seedrs you can also get access to their advice and support.

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All of us angrily awaiting the Crowdfund date :joy:


Congrats Rob & team. Signed up to invest! :+1:


Yep, I want this :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your reactions everyone.

Do feel free to share the news and the link with family & friends (we are).

As with any crowdfunding, success is not competitive, but collaborative - quite literally, the more the merrier :slight_smile:

If you have further questions, these can be asked here or on the Seedrs page



Can you say whether you’ll be overfunding or not?

Good question! You’ve done this before, haven’t you? :wink:

We’re still working out what our final investment target will be, although it is likely that if we do hit our target early, we will look to overfund. We do want to make sure that there is a chance for anyone who wants to get involved to participate, if possible.

We’ll confirm these details before we go live, so stay tuned.


Ok next unrelated question…

Can you lend me a grand?

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Nice one @Codf :grinning: - was tempted to answer to your question the other day but thought you would enjoy this route more! Best, AC


It seems like you know me too well!

Decided to join forum now as crowd funding :joy:


Soooooo excited by this news can’t wait to get involved!

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Interesting. Do we get any shares with this, and what is the minimum share price?

Thanks, and best of luck! :smiley: