Wait no longer - the Dozens waitlist has been cleared

On Monday, 30th November 2020 we completed the final major step in the migration of existing Dozens customers from our original platform and partners, to our upgraded Pi1 platform and with our new partners including Visa, ClearBank and Marqeta.

This means new Visa cards, both virtual and physical, as well as completely new bank accounts on our new Sort Code (04-13-14).

Because we knew this had to happen, we took the decision some weeks ago not to open brand new accounts for customers using the previous system. It did not make sense to send cards and have them destroyed within days, and potentially restricting access to accounts just as customers were getting used to them.

This has meant that the waitlist has been growing and not reducing for some time, reaching several thousands. We know this can feel frustrating, but we do appreciate your patience.

However, just 1 week after this migration, we can announce that the vast majority of this waitlist have now been added to the brand new Dozens world.


There are still some onboarding checks being completed for some recent applicants, but if you were simply waiting for the invitation code, you don’t have to wait any longer.

The addition of the Virtual Visa debit cards to the app means that we can now also skip the ‘invitation code’ step of our process and can grant access to the app directly, making the process faster and smoother.

I know that many have been eagerly awaiting the chance to bid on the latest £1,000,000 issuance of the Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. fixed interest bonds and to consider putting money in the new range of funds in the Invest shelf and so also qualify for a year of Dozens Black for no fee.

It is incredible to see all these processes come together so quickly after one another, and I look forward to sharing many more developments and innovations over the weeks and months.

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Your support means a lot, particularly at a time that we’ve put such a strong emphasis on account security and reliability.

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Hi @robert,

This is good news but when I open the App it asks me to update and takes me to play store but there isnt any update available?

Do I have to wait few more hours?

Is this on ios or android?

Android, just checked before replying and now got an option to update and I’m still on a waiting list, behind 2500+!!!

Oh, sorry about that. I know we were doing them in batches but thought more would have cleared by now, though that’s already better than 5000.

Do make sure we’ve not sent you an email for more info. Just in case

Thanks for the update, I haven’t received any email, the last one I received was to confirm my email address, hopefully, this waiting list go down soon and I can start using my account


I can see why you are encouraging people to write positive reviews about you on Trustpilot. I think you have the highest ratio of one star reviews of any organisation I have ever had an account with: 40% one star!

I myself am quitting dozens as soon as I can get my bond money back.

When you begin to treat customers with professionalism, have the stability of a serious financial institution (not the Grand Old Duke of York set-up for your bonds etc.) and reconfigure your app from one that is so badly designed and time-consuming to find some sections in, in a way that no other app I’ve used is - I’ve just wasted over half an hour trying to register the new Visa debit card you’ve sent me - then I sincerely hope you’ll begin to get some positive reviews.

How exactly can we register our new Visa debit cards in the app please?

Best wishes to Team dozens.

Thank you, again, for your feedback.

There is absolutely no obligation on you to use our app if you don’t like the way it works for you. We do treat our customers well, and many of them understand that while we have great ambitions, there may be obstacles in the way of achieving them, particularly in the early days.

Negative reviews on our profiles are an unfortunate result of taking action with a small number of accounts that have broken our rules in one way or another - some people like to then complain and leave bad reviews. The actual number of reviews is very small. We do hope that our thousands of regular customers who do enjoy our app and features will now find the time to share their thoughts to balance these.

With regard to activating your card, I see someone has already kindly replied to you. If you are still having any issues, could you please get in touch with the helpful customer service team who can actually help for individual cases?


The suggestion provided, to look on the dozens app homepage which I’ve already done something like ten times, didn’t work in terms of enabling me to find how to register my card.

What a right old mess.

You can blame your customers for the mountainful of negative reviews, but, as this process of registering a card that you make so extremely complicated and time-consuming and frustrating proves yet again, it’s dozens that has absolutely no idea how to get the very basics right time and again.