Visa v mastercard

Why is dozens changing from mastercard to visa when changing who they are partnered with I see many banks and fintechs moving from visa to MasterCard the biggest bank to change is Santander but I do see better when using mastercard compared to visa but that’s cause I use curve a lot which is mastercard debit and it’s never let me down much

Is there any benefit for being with one over the other to me they do almost the same things and available in almost same places

That’s a good question right now.

We’ve been working on this for some time, as you probably know. The original announcement has a lot of information:

The main reason is that in the past we worked with an intermediary between ourselves and Mastercard so we were more limited in terms of what we could change and do, and who we could work with.

Visa, instead, offered to have us be a direct member as well as other benefits of being a more established business - including our own dedicated BIN for our cards. We are very excited to see how we can continue our innovations by working closely with Visa.

One example is that we have been able to roll out our virtual cards, and there will be other new features in the app in the near future.

It has also meant we could partner with Clearbank and others to offer a wider range of account features as well - such as direct debits.

In practice, customers may not notice much of a day to day difference in most countries that accept both, but there are some customers who appreciate having an alternative if all their cards are from the same card scheme.

You will also find more details about Visa, and Visa cards, in the expanded FAQs in the app and on the website: Visa Archives - Dozens


Do investors get a card with investor on it as I’m now an investor I haven’t invested £1000 or over but have invested and what card do you get for £999 and under

The perks for the current Seedrs round only relate to amounts invested in THIS crowdfunding round.

The Shareholder card is no longer valid and will not be directly replaced - but there are great things on the horizon.

We have certainly not forgotten our customers who are also original investors, and we will be getting in touch shortly to tell you more about what will be available to you by way of thanks for your ongoing support and for being there in the early days.

We first want to make sure that all customers have their new virtual cards to continue to access their money and make payments while we transition to the new systems we’ve been building.

I’m actually new to investing starting off with curve getting the black investor metal curve card and following it with project imagine and dozens this last round when it first opened and I’m awaiting whatever card may be issued as I want automatic qualify for exclusive black card as my investment is under £1000 I’m very interested to know that I am on the investor card list when they do come out but in the time being will take a physical standard visa debit card

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