Virtual debit card numbers

A lot of the good features of Dozens require you to use the Dozens debit card for all your spending. But I’m not happy with handing those details over to people, in case of fraud. (I don’t want to deal with cancelling and getting a replacement card etc.)

I think it would be an amazing feature to have privacy-style virtual cards that you can generate at will in the app (no need for their browser plugin).

  1. Create a single-use number to pay for something on a dodgy looking website, and avoid hidden subscription charges they might try to tack on later.
  2. Create a number with a fixed amount of money available to it, to give to someone else for some online shopping.
  3. Create a number tied to a particular merchant, with monthly limits, to prevent yourself spending too much with them.
  4. Create a number for use when travelling abroad to somewhere with lax card security. Set your Dozens credit card to actually use that virtual number. If the card gets cloned electronically, they only steal your virtual number and you can just cancel that instead of cutting up your physical card and getting a new one.

I’m sure there are many more uses.


I really like the idea of a virtual almost disposable card, get from within the app. It was the only reason I kept my Revolut account open.

One you can plug the details into a website you don’t necessarily trust 100%, then delete the card once processed, revoking any future access.

I do wonder if Mastercard’s new live card detail sharing beta program would ever be compatible with this method should the feature become more widely available. Maybe Dozens staff could tell us more.

isn’t that PayPal? In terms of putting in Websites you don’t trust

PayPal isn’t as widely accepted as your debit card.

Plus PayPal needs a link to your account to function. A one off virtual card does not.

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We totally agree with you about this being a useful feature, and in fact Virtual Cards are coming to the dozens app. We do not have them today, but they will be available in the next few months.

I think your idea 3 is particularly relevant as this sort of habit helps to control spending, and as you say, it also improves security.

I’m not sure we will be able to do this, but it is an interesting idea


The idea of a card linked to a virtual one would be rather cool, you probably could do that in the same way curve links different accounts to one card (and you change where it takes it from from the app).


I’m really impressed you’re actually planning to do this. A real game changer and a significantly useful feature that the other fintechs don’t have.

Revolut does have them btw.

From a quick look at their help, you can only have 5, and you have to pay to have a disposable (1 time use) one. Those limits don’t let you take advantage of quite a few of the use cases for virtual cards.

I would be interested to know what sort of costs are associated with providing this, as I suspect Revolut is massively cashing in on a feature that’s actually quite cheap to provide.

Just to clarify, virtual and disposable are not the same. Revolut only offers disposable cards in the (not cheap) pay monthly plans (which also come with what I would call punitive cancellation terms). For me I can see the value in disposable, but almost never used the virtual card after getting a physical one (was just easier to look at a card for payment details than opening app).

Glad to hear about the virtual cards. I haven’t really used revolut but I like the idea that you can have multiple debit cards for one debit account.