Verification process

I’m having trouble with the verification process. My submission was made about 24 hours ago but when I open the app I only see the “Thanks. Now we’re going to verify who you are.” screen.

Normally, I wouldn’t be so anxious but the screen also states that the process only takes a few minutes. My guess is that I have been sent to the manual verification team. This is fine but perhaps there should be a screen/notification that the process will take a little longer.

Just a friendly suggestion.

Really looking forward to exploring this service. Once I get access. :slight_smile:

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In the last few days, some users are getting stuck on this screen - it should only be displayed for a few minutes before you are either approved automatically or we can let you know we may need to do some follow-up

We are investigating this and will get it fixed for you. Have you emailed us on so we can create a ticket for this?

Ah…didn’t know that was available. Just sent an email.

Thank you.