Verification Issue for new customers

We are aware that there is an issue with many new applications not completing automatically at the moment.

It seems that one step in the automatic processing of new accounts is being held up, so the screen gets stuck on this image:

We are sorry about this. This really should only take a couple of minutes.

Your information has been received and we should be able to re-start the process without losing any information. However, we know it is confusing as this will not then move you into the queue.

We are resolving this issue now and hopefully you will see your place in the queue shortly


I’m afraid I don’t find this sort of response in any way reassuring. Whitest I concede that many have onboarded using various versions of the app. A significant number have simply been unable to login to the app, often after multiple attempts. If this process is really fit for purpose then this would not be an ongoing problem. I have been at the forefront of fintech adoption, always on iOS platform but with anything from an iPhone 5 to ES to IPhone 8 Plus. I have successfully singed with Monzo, Starling Revolute and others. There have been slight glitches with some of them along the way, but given a day or two, these have been overcome and I have signed up and logged in. In the case of Dozens I was immediately convinced by their ethos BUT their app simply didn’t function. They cannot argue out-of-date phone or OS version in my case yet it has been well over a month since I applied for an account yet their signup process does not work. They must be aware of my login attempts since they have invited me to use a code as an early bird - yet I have never once successfully loged in to their app. I ask myself why? and wonder how many others are experiencing this. Not good publicity but very frustrating. On-boarding process should be a simple fail-safe process taking at most minutes. There is something very wrong with the Dozens process where this not only goes wrong but effectively destroys credibility.

The issue with the application process has been fixed.

Unfortunately a data format issue with one of our partners meant that records were not being matched. We have fixed this and all new applicants are proceeding through the process as before.

If you were affected, we apologise and we are manually re-starting that particular step for you so there is nothing else to do. It is being done now and you should see the app update very soon.

We apologise for the delay.


Hi @Aoi

Your issue is quite different to the one in the topic.

I do understand that it is frustrating and I do apologise again. I will be in touch with you again directly to see if there is something more we can do for your particular issue.

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Thanks for the clarification, @robert. I have updated to v1.2.1. Will hopefully get through verification soon. :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify, for those of us still stuck on the verification screen, do we need to re-install the app or do anything to make it work? Or is it being processed manually now?

I’ve been waiting for 48+ hours now, and missed the bid for the bonds.

Yes, I’m still in verification limbo even after updating the app yesterday evening.

@bassque @DrProsper

the issue was not with your app, so updating it will not affect this particular incident. This was on the server so we need to fix some of the data on your accounts before it will progress.

The fix is happening right now and I trust you (and everyone else affected) will shortly see your place in the queue and be ready for the codes


Sorry, I misunderstood. You can read that two ways and I chose the wrong one. :slight_smile:

Funny coincidence that the iOS app was updated just after you wrote that!

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Ah, yes, I see. I was referring to the screen you see in the app.

We are making updates to the app on a regular basis so you will see big and small updates quite often, but in this case it is about the data on the server, not the app interface.

I am beginning to think that I am unverifiable. Cue existential crisis in 3…2…1…


It is definitely NOTHING personal @bassque

There were hundreds of new applications caught up in this. Unfortunately, once the issue was fixed, we have to go back to each and every one of these to fix the problematic data. It is not a major issue, but it does require some manual intervention to re-process every application (no data was lost). It is being done now.

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That was just me having a little fun.

Question: once verified, is access granted directly or is there a queue?

There is a queue.

If you signed up for the waitlist (which was on the dozens website at some point) before, the displayed position might not be accurate, as you’ll likely receive your invitation code (used to gain full access to your account) much earlier than that. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to wait until you’ve reached the front of the queue.

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Thanks for the info, @MRMR

Sadly, I did not sign up for the waitlist so I guess I’m queue-bound. I’m assuming the longer this takes to resolve, the more people I’m behind.

Bad luck.

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Is there a way to start the application process over?

Hi @bassque - not at the moment- it would just be marked as a duplicate and add to the confusion and maybe delay further.

We will get this sorted - please bear with us and we will find a way to make up for the queue delay when we sort out the codes.

Thanks @robert

Happy to report that verification has concluded. In the queue now. :slight_smile:


I’ve been stuck in Manual Verification for 2 days.

How long does this normally take, and do I maintain the position in the queue I would have got had I been instantly verified?


I’m in the same boat. The verification looked as if it was doing something, then fell over. Now stuck awaiting manual verification by the looks of it.