Updates soon?

Hi all

I was just wondering if there are app updates on the horizon? There have been lots of suggestions and ideas to make the app better and more usable, in particular in the track area. There hasn’t been an update for quite sometime now and I wonder if people will start to drift away as the app hasn’t evolved into a polished product yet.

I appreciate it’s a never ending process but I am hoping that there are updates to make the track/budget aspect more usable and polished. It’s the USP of the app/account.

Last app update was last Tuesday (on Android, at least) there’s usually at least 1 update per week, I guess the devs just have a lot that they’re working on right now making the next release take a bit longer than normal.

Pretty good interpretation, I was really looking to see what the dozens response was. I’m interested to see when we can expect improvements that we’ve all discussed and fed back so that the app starts moving towards a stage that’d I’d consider using it as one of my main accounts.

I think various things are holding them up.

This update came out on the crowdfunding