Update in light of sanctions

Hi everyone. Just a heads up that we’ll be issuing some information in light of current events, and what it means for your Dozens account.

Below is the email that you’ll all receive later today explaining a little more, plus the Twitter posts that’ve just gone out.

As always, do let me know if you have any questions.


Can you clarify what is meant by “all domestic payments” please? I feel it could do with some distinction between transfers in & out. Unless it’s just meant in contrast to international whereby only inbound applies?

My salary is due into the account on Monday, it usually comes in when I’m asleep but upon checking there’s sometimes a slight difference in the time it credits :slight_smile: if it hasn’t credited when I wake up though :worried:

I’d assume BACS related things are handled slightly differently though?

Here’s the FCA statement

I would be surprised if any boring old regular UK customer triggers any extra hits from this.

Yeah - it’s the same old movements for me. I’ve received 3 transfers today instantaneously but know some of this comes in soon. Still don’t envisage an issue. Just crazy times.

No problem @Rexx As you can imagine, all domestic payments in and out are beholden to AML rules. We’ve frozen outbound international payments, and we’re adjusting rules around domestic payments to increase our diligence. You shouldn’t notice any difference - but if you have any concerns do let our customer service team know and we’ll happily look in to your individual case. Or, give us a shout and i’ll jump on a call with you.

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Sure all will be well! But thanks - reassuring should there be an issue :slight_smile:

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Thank you team Dozens for doing your bit, regulated or not. This is expected but it’s nice to have clear comms and guidance for those who are less familiar with sanctions processes.