Unknown merchant transactions

Over the last 48 hours the majority of my card transactions show in the Android notification list as ‘unknown merchant’. On the spend screen the merchant shows as simply ‘card’.

I’ve used all of the merchants before and they have display in the app correctly. Is there an issue?


There’s no general issue with merchant information that I am aware of, but you could be aware of something new. I’m happy to look into it.

Are you able to share a screenshot with me (privately if you prefer)?

Otherwise, feel free to send something through to help@dozens.com and we can look into whether this is something to do with your account … or whether you happen to have been shopping somewhere exotic?

Has anyone else experienced this issue recently?

UPDATE: thanks for raising this @Pinuk . I shared this with my colleagues because of your report and I see that there have been a couple of other reports. It does not appear to be a widespread issue yet, but you are not alone, so it is something we are looking into. We will get back to you ASAP and will hopefully be able to update all your transactions for you.

Thanks for letting us know


Same issue here!Screenshot_20200214-105237

Thanks - these help us track the issue down and fix it.

Would you mind sending these to help@dozens.com with the information on what merchant should be showing, so they can look at your account in more detail. We can then send this to our partner and get this properly fixed.

Thanks for your patience

Roger that

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