Universal credit into dozens account

Will I be able to recieve universal credit into my dozens account? And if yes what time does it hit the account at night normally, just wanted to confirm that
Also I was looking at reviews where people have are on benifits and as soon as the benifits hits their account, the account is frozen and they are left with no money to support them self. Is that correct that dozens don’t like benifits money in dozens account

Hi @Punmanuk

Yes, you can receive any UK payments, including universal credit, into a Dozens account. I am not certain of the exact time, or if it is even sufficiently regular to be able to give you an exact time. It will depend on many issues, in particular when it is sent. I will ask my colleagues if they happen to have noticed a pattern, but we do not add any delay so it will be available soon after it is processed on the sender’s side.

With regard to some reviews, please understand that there could be many reasons for a small number of people to leave these particular negative reviews, but we always do our very best to help customers facing any genuine issues or delays. We are a responsible, growing financial provider and would have no reason to take issue with benefits payments. What you may not see are the many thousands of happy customers who use their accounts every day without any issue. I trust that allays your concerns?


Usually it’s sent thru bacs payment universal credit is. With monzo it hits your account at 1am unless you Use the early pay day function which is at 4pm the day before

Also I have not used my dozens account since I open it. I have lost my card and asked for a replacement card today. How long will it take for it to arrive?

We order them straight away (did you do this in the app?) and they’ll take a day or so to make, then it is simply a case of how long the royal mail take (usually a day or two). It shouldn’t be too long, but lockdown has affected sorting offices so could vary a little

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Yes Robert, I did it in app. It asked me to freeze card and and ask for a replacement which I did

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Be aware the freeze also halts any incoming payments, it’s more ‘freeze account’ than freeze card…

… So if you’re expecting UC to arrive before your new card does it may be blocked and will need the (very helpful!) support team to sort it out once you can unlock the new card!