Typo in name on card

Is there anyone at dozens who can order and deliver me a card with my correct name on? For some reason there’s an extra erroneous digit after my middle name which renders the card useless for online transactions requiring my correct name. It’s been two weeks now and still no joy, do I have to report the card lost to get a correct one or just close my account?

Not a great start tbh.

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I know it doesn’t help with getting a correct card, but online transactions don’t usually check the name, so you should be able use the card fine.

Pop a question into the in-app chat (question mark in the top right of the home screen > Start chat). They can probably sort it for you there.

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If not I’m sure @robert will check here and try squeeze the relevant information out of OP allowing him to get it all sorted.

That’s exactly what I have been doing for the past two weeks, to no avail.

I fear @DozyDad you will have longer to wait. My card arrived with first and middle names instead of first and last names. Not a big deal to some perhaps but it is important to me. I might just add that the printing was poor giving the card a “used” appearance.

I asked @robert if this could be sorted on 16 Feb - so far, for a variety of reasons (all understandable, but frustrating nevertheless) without success.

It seems that a lack of human resources has been an issue and I understand that this has been recently resolved. So, with luck and a fair wind you, I and the other 12 or so affected account holders will be getting the correct cards shortly.

Make sure @robert is aware you would like a replacement. R-


I’ve may already have spoken to most of those affected here directly. Once again, I am really sorry

Despite the reputation, I don’t have a magic wand to fix these issues I’m afraid. :mage: I do have the responsibility to raise them during our planning meetings though, and I can assure you that this has been done and they are a high priority for us.

The card replacement process still needs some work to automate fully and so needs qualified individuals to carry out. As you will know, we are working on launching the full and complex app pretty much all in one go and this needs all hands on deck already and so it has taken a while.

However, we do have someone now dedicated to working through a range of individual account issues with us, and getting these :dozens_card: replaced is at the top of his list. I do hope that we will have good news very soon for anyone who has been waiting.


A little update on this…

Opened my dozens app this morning and noticed that the last 4 digits of my card have changed, presumably a new card is on its way to me, so i’d like to say thank you to whoever sorted out my problem, off to Egypt in a few weeks for a holiday so will see if the card works out there.