Trouble signing up

Hi Team :wave:

Love the new community, awesome customisation of the Discourse environment.

I recently tried to sign-up through the app, however my verification details failed, the app gives me the option to check my details, but this button seems to be inactive, has anyone else had issues with this?

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Hi Kyle

We have had some feedback on that process and we are working on it. Someone will get back to you if we happen to need any further docs, but don’t worry for now :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for signing up and for getting in touch.

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No problem, thank you for getting back to me, looking forward to checking out dozens

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Hey @KyleRisi,

I had the same issue.

Contacted support, and the omnipresent @robert was on hand to answer.

In a nutshell, things are still being tested behind the scenes, so it’s not quite ready for prime time yet.

The Dozens team will review your submission when they can, and then get in touch with you (at least, that’s what I was told :grin:).

I think the early “hype” on the Monzo forum has probably caused more people to try Dozens, than they’d anticipated!

Edit - I was too late to the party on that response! :joy:


Ah, I thought I recognised your Avatar, yes I came here from the Monzo. :grin:


I also experienced this issue signing up. Similarly to @Nick I contact support and the team helped me through. The team working hard behind the scenes are fab and so helpful, within a few days verification was sorted and I was able to get into the app. Plus Gemma kept me updated every step of the way. If this fantastic customer service is a sign of things to come I cant wait to make dozens my primary account. Top notch work guys! :slight_smile:


I had an issue with error messages when completing the security questions. But iOS update has resolved the issue :clap:

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Great to hear!

The feedback we have been getting from everyone has been so helpful. We’ve made several fixes and hopefully this will have resolved most of the app-related sign-up issues.

We still have a backlog of applications to work through so I appreciate that some applicants are still waiting to hear back from us about their position in the queue, but we’re putting extra effort into that .


I can’t say the same for my experience unfortunately. Still waiting to be verified, contacted them a couple times now and have given them the details they needed but still not been approved. :disappointed_relieved:

Anyone else still waiting?