Tracking issues

I reported an issue with the tracking section of the app last week, showing zero for daily spend when there was money left in my budget. Thankfully, this has been fixed but I have a separate issue now.

Tracking doesn’t appear to be registering my spending correctly. Yesterday was my payday and therefore budget reset day. I spent £3.50 on two separate trips to Tesco and £11 on my commute.

Only the £3.50 spend is showing, meaning it looks like I have more budget than I do.

I’m on Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 9 with dozens v1.3.8

Screenshots below

I have to say I’m starting to lose a little faith in the tracking section. The budgeting parts of the app are the main reason I have used Dozens for the last couple of months, and why I would continue in the future but if I can’t trust it, it’s no good to me.

Hey @Frankysnr thanks for reporting. I will pass it on to the product team.
Just to check: do you have a category set up called transport into which your commute item might fall? Because if you’ve budgeted for it then it won’t appear on your day’s spend.

I’ve set up expenses on £0.01 for fuel only. The reason being I think everything is part of my budget so didn’t want to exclude anything.

However, as you quote rightly say, when I manually change the category from transport to anything else (I’ve chosen eating out) the spend does appear in my budget.

Strange - as my transport costs definitely form part of my monthly budget, but hey, at least it’s solved :man_shrugging:


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@Frankysnr and others who are confused about track, here a little trick.

If you see your day is in the red, there might be an expense in there that you should have budgeted for. You can add that expense to an existing or new budget item by clicking on the red line. Just keep in mind that when you add an item to a budget line, both the merchant and the merchant category get added to the budget item. I personally like my budget items to be groups of merchants, not merchant categories. Then all I need to do is to remove the merchant category from the list.

Video attached :nerd_face:


Hi @katja I think these kind of quick win video guides can be super useful and should be considered as part of a knowledgebase/FAQ… you could even get the community to contribute their own video’s for useful lessons learnt using the app that could be sanity checked by the team before being made part of the knowledgebase


Thanks @afreeb! That’s good to hear! I am very much a visual person (an architect, originally, not the :1234: kind, but this kind :nerd_face::office:), so anything visual helps me more than a written explanation too!


Might be useful if the video showed key presses as well?

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Visual works better for me also. Can you show button presses or cursor movement? It would help. R-


Ok thanks guys, beginner’s mistake.

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No problem. What are you using to record this anyway?

My Iphone screen recorder… Do you have a preferred tool @ColinR?

No, use the same but can’t work out how to show button press or cursor

Not easy to edit the capture either. Well done for getting as for as you did @katja. R-

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