Tracking broken today

For some reason today, possibly following the latest update, I’m not sure (I didn’t check beforehand but it was working yesterday) my budget in the track tab has vanished and I can’t get it back. Everything is set back to zero.

Just me or has anyone else seen this?

Have you moved into a new month? - I seem to recall seeing the same thing and it was because the budget I had set for the previous month had ‘expired’ (ie: budget was from feb 28th - march 28th and I was viewing on March 30th) - not sure - could be making it up but was sure thats what happened to me…

No, not a new month. My new month starts on the 15th

That should not have happened, even for a new month. What version are you running?

Was the budget definitely saved and working before?

Budget settings roll-over from month to month so it is not a date issue. You could try logging out completely and then logging in again as it may be that the data was not loaded correctly from the server.

If you could share a screen capture (without sharing any private information) then that would be useful. If you prefer not to, feel free to email helpdesk and we can look into it

Cheers Rob

I’m running v1.3.7, just updated today on an S10+ running Android 9

I’ve tried logging out and logging in again, plus a delete and reinstall and it stays that same

This is my previous week’s spend

This is this week. I’m not over my budget and I’ve tried resetting the budget using a couple of different figures and it’s still the same I’m afraid, doesn’t seem to activate the tracking feature for this week. The £3 is my spend today

Aha! Nice spot

Don’t worry and you don’t need to tweak your budget any more.

It looks like the latest update may have introduced a small bug in the track process (possibly only on the latest version which is out for Android but not yet for iOS). It is not that the budget has been lost, but rather that the daily spending limit for the final week of the budget shows £0.00 per day for some reason.

In your case, since this is the last full week of your budget, the days are all showing the £0.00 available per day. If someone else has a budget for the end of the month, it is only the last two days of April that will show £0.

I have raised this with the team and will investigate. Thanks so much for raising it!

Excellent. Always happy to help! :grinning:

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