Track budget confusing me

Please can someone help me with the track and setting up a budget? I’ve created what I thought was a budget but nothing is coming up on the main screen under ‘left to spend today’. For arguement sake - if I had added in £300 as a budget I would have expected £10 to display as a daily amount. Same goes for the weekly amount as well?

Have you set any expenses on your budget? IIRC, you need at least 1 expense to be on the budget.

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I don’t think you have to have an expense, but if you do that is subtracted from your monthly amount before you get your weekly and daily spending amounts

I’m pretty sure that, in order to actually save the budget you’re creating, you have to add at least 1 expense to it. Since @tomsandies is saying that they aren’t seeing anything showing on the “left to spend” I’m assuming that the budget didn’t get saved.

I’ve had a quick play this morning, removing expenses from my budget and adding them back on, to double check. I was unable to save the budget when there were no expenses. The button to save the budget did activate as soon as I re-added an expense.

Although, interestingly, if I remove the expense from my existing budget and then back out of the screen (because I can’t save the budget), then the budget does seem to save the change and all metrics seem to adjust correctly.

There’s something not quite right with the flow, as I can remove all expenses items, after which there’s no (edit: active!) save button, but I can then use the back button to return to the Track screen, and the app has saved the changes anyway.

Do you have enough funds in the account?

I think it may show zero left for your budget if there’s not actually enough money in your account

There is a save button, it’s just deactivated :slight_smile:

Edited accordingly! :relaxed:

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