Tour of the app

For those who haven’t quite made it into the app yet. Dozens have release a video tour:

Sorry @robert if my eagle eyes have stolen some thunder?!


I just watched it and OMG. It makes Monzo look like MVP

I just can’t keep up with you guys!!!

Quite happy for you to share it. I was about to for the weekend, but as long as folks get access, I don’t mind at all who it comes from.

Do let us know your thoughts on the video … it includes some stuff on Invest that you won’t have seen yet :slight_smile:

as codf just put on the Monzo forum… it looks like a Monzo killer at this point in time

Looks amazing. Can’t wait to get access. Fingers crossed it’s soon :slight_smile: :wink: @robert


Looks great but still waiting for my code @robert :wink:


Whilst Monzo is very strong at the moment and I jest re the Monzo Killer, mostly to see if I could get a bite from a fanboy or two!

In all seriousness though, Arro Money and Viola Blacks owners may well be reassessing their businesses/dusting off the CV’s

I feel better discussing the flaws of Monzo on here just as the fanboys and trolls will love it. But I think Monzo is stuck in a rut of high levels of success with a lack of experienced people, who have taken such a successful company forward(This is very different from making a company successful). Dozens was built by a FINtech in fintech, therefore they have the experience of how to sell a product and have learnt from lurking/ waiting to see what the others have done. I think if anything Monzo could learn a lot from Dozens in how to do PR for starters. like that video is high quality and very clear.

I think Monzo’s problem is they don’t know how to monetise themselves without compromising their mission.

Tom has put, I think maybe unintentionally, quite serious pressure on the team by challenging them to double their revenue this year with ideas they hadn’t even thought of yet.

I hope they pull it off, because the later it gets in the year the more desperate the cash grabs could get and I already think the current attempts are really poor.

Hopefully, Dozens applying some new competitive pressure to the market should cause some partial refocussing and make them double down on existing features. Feels weird to say it about a brand new Fintech, but Monzo are now playing ‘catch up’ against some of dozens features.

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I think that comes down to experience, you can monetise your platform and still remain mission focused,it just needs some deft handling and sensitivity. I hope they pull it off otherwise I’ll be annoyed as there are so many good ideas coming out of the forums that aren’t being acted on. I think if Dozens partnered with Monzo and offered a 5% bond to the 1.5million Monzo customers I think they’d be laughing to a Unicorn status.
But I hope that positive competitive “energy” is focused rather than becoming negative and money grabbing like EA etc

I wonder how many people are currently signed up to monzo plus.

Let’s not have that argument cross communities…


You have no power here :wink:

it’s nicer here :slight_smile:

Hey, I have no power anywhere. But let’s just focus on the amazing steps forward that Dozens have taken today!

(Love the tour of the app - super amazing)



But as a final sidenote, if dozens are ever looking for a forum mod and Peter had the time, you could do no better.


Also guys make sure you give the video a thumbs up as it will help spread the app out amongst like-minded people.

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Fantastic video and really liking the look of this - just cant wait to get my code in place and start using it! - love the fact Dozens seem to have recognised the power of the spending data and found useful ways to display this to the customer (heat map, map based spending patterns etc…) - just hope this power of the data idea continues into the rest of the app and future features!