Topup limit using card

The top up limit is still 5k for me

What’s missing is any info on limits for single transactions…

More info has been added to the topup screen. As predicted, the limits are getting stricter. I assume dozens has woken up to the cost and aml implications…

A prepaid card I have has stopped working too, even though the 3DS authorisation works, so presumably only “full” debit cards are now accepted.

Also, I can only get Curve to work with Google Pay, not directly. Not sure why that would be the case.

I just had the same experience - Santander won’t top it up. But after contacting them, they claim that no charge has reached them from Dozens, so the fault lies on the Dozens side, apparently. I eventually topped up using bank transfer, which took about 10 minutes to appear in the Dozens account.

Quick question - is the £100 minimum top up for debit cards or bank transfers. Will it reject a top up of less than that?

There is a minimum of £100 for debit card topups. Were you trying to top up for a lower amount?

There is no limitation (other than your account max balance) for bank transfers

No, it was £100 exactly. Firstly from a Santander debit card and then Apple Pay. Via bank transfer, it worked - after 10 mins or so