Topup limit using card

Is this limit per month, per topup, or all time? :relaxed:

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Looks like I’ll have to discover by trial and error :smiling_imp:

that is a daily top-up limit via card (depending on the rules of that card too)

you can transfer more via bank transfer


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Wow, that’s got to be the highest I know from any fintech.

How does Dozens afford it?

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@robert. It seems that the top up limits via debit card had reduced to just 250 pounds only. Is there any way it can be put back to the higher limit?

Still showing as £5k for me

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been reduced - it must be costing a fortune…

Where do you find this on the app? I looked for it , but could not find

Spend > Card > Limits

Thanks. Found it
My top up by debit card says 5k here.
But in reality it’s not. It’s only 250 pounds.

The limit is on dozens’ side.
Does the debit card itself have a transaction limit?

How can you see it’s limiting you to £250?

I spoke to the help chat on the app. They told me when I could not top up.

Our account limits have not changed (we will keep that page in the app updated with the correct values, and it is always under review, of course) - but we are also working on some settings and integrations that may temporarily affect card top-ups. I’m sorry if you were affected.

You could use bank transfers to put money in your Dozens current account if you’re wanting to top up at this time


Pray, tell

I think I’ve worked out what is happening, as I just tried a debit card top up.

I only seem to be able to top up £250 in a single transaction, but I can keep on doing £250 top ups. So the 5k seems to be a general limit with a £250 single transaction limit.

When I first opened the account, I managed to add £1000 in a single transaction, so something has definitely changed.

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Recently queried this via chat.
There was a suggestion that there may be a limit, but it was not clearly expressed that dozens has a limit or how much this may be:thinking:

Same here. Been trying today to top up a total of £2k to transfer into ‘Grow’.

I can only do £250 via debit card. Can’t even add £300.

Hi @tonyayp certain card limits might still be varied at the moment, so for larger amounts it is still possible to do this via bank transfer until these are reset

So wanted to update.
I transferred altogether 2k via debit card , in 8x 250s.

The first day I managed to do 5x (consecutive), then the top up doesn’t work anymore. Redirected to bank page, click OK, ‘back to merchant’ that’s back to dozen app. Instead of the usual topped up message it says top up unsuccessful. Tried again few more times during the day, failed.

The second day , only manage to do 1x
With few more attempts , all failed. Logged in , tried again every several hours.

The third day, now at midnight. Finally got 2x all completed.

I just wanted to check whether it’s my cards fraud protection stopping the top up or anything? But I haven’t gotten a message from my debit card bank. So I’m puzzled what’s happening.

Since I’m good with this. Will move on to sort code and account transfer and see how long that takes.


I’m doing £250 debit card topups just fine, but I’m only doing max. 1 per day.

What card are you using? Does it use 3D secure/secure code?

I would prefer to do card top ups. Does anyone at dozens know when or if the higher top up limits will be restored?