Top up fees

Hi im still waiting on my invite code to start using dozens. I’d like to ask about the fees associated with the topup aspect of the account.
Are there any fees to topup by card?
Can you top up through credit card? If so is there any fees

Much appreciated for the answers in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi @Crash and welcome to the Dozens community.

There are no fees for using your account, whether topping up or using the card for payments or withdrawals. This is also true outside of the UK.

The only time there is a small charge is when you transfer funds to a different account in another currency as a bank transfer, but if you are abroad yourself with the card and you use it to buy something, this does not apply.

However, you will not be able to top up your Dozens account from a credit card - it has to be a debit (not pre-payment) card linked to another account.

Hope that helps and that you enjoy using your Dozens card when it arrives

Great to hear. Thank you for your answer.

Are credit card payments blocked because their expensive to process? Also its mentioned in the faq that top up via apple pay is available. Supposedly what would happen if i was to use a credit card on my apple wallet to topup?

This won’t work - you’ll just get an error message.
Prepaid cards like Revolut also don’t seem to work (on Google Pay anyway).

I have used Curve with attached credit card to top up Dozens just fine with no problems. The app actually stores your card number too, so it’s even easier than Google Pay - fewer steps.

If you don’t have Curve, dm me for a referral code. Though use Curve at your own risk…

On a side note, the UI is a bit odd, in that you have to manually select your card each time, even though it looks like the card you last used is already selected.

Also, it seems that you can only add max £250 per top up, but then you can top up multiple times per day - not sure about the max number.

This has to be costing dozens quite a lot of money, so I’m expecting them to follow in the footsteps of Monzo, starling etc and put stricter limits on topups in the future.

Thank you so much for your response.

I already have a curve account which i’m Already using with my credit card. That idea of using curve to topup dozens sounds promising.

Yes i dont think it is going to last very long but i hope it lasts till i get my finances sorted at least :slight_smile:

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Will you not be charged fees for this as it would be classed as a cash transaction?

Why not use your credit card directly? Or via Curve, if you want some fintech features like instant notifications.

It depends on your card provider.

Some credit cards, like Tesco, will charge a cash advance fee, while most (Sainsbury’s, aqua, MBNA, Barclaycard - to my knowledge) won’t.
After all, there’s no additional cost to them - Curve is paying the extra fees, I believe.

The simple answer is that topping up lets you do anything with the credit, from paying rent to buying crypto, which you can’t necessarily do with either the credit card or Curve in a convenient and cheap way.

You can also stooze to exploit an interest free credit card by withdrawing funds and putting them in an interest bearing account.

You usually don’t get an interest free period for cash advances though, even if there is no charge.

Top ups are treated as purchases on the cards I listed above.

They’re not treated as cash advances at all

That might come in handy then, thanks for the info

Buying crypto with a credit card is a scary concept.

While it’s not something I’d personally do, I see your point on the rest of your post though :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, not recommended!
The point is that the technology now lets you do it very cheaply.

So a debit card topup facility is really now a bit problematic for a responsible bank.

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See also this

I used curve directly yesterday and it worked?

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Maybe it’s just inconsistent then!