Top-up failed

for the past week or so, all attempts to top-up my Dozens account with my Barclays debit card (which I used many times before) have failed. Twice Barclays did a fraud check via email, which I always completed to say that the transactions were genuine.
I tried now to top-up via my Barclaycard credit card, and Barclaycard also did a fraud check by text message.
Not sure why this suddenly started to happen, when I never had any problems before.
Just spoke to Barclays and they said that they can’t see any problems re my debit card. Not sure what’s happening…

Hey @ammlondon, could you please contact our customer service team, they will be able to help you further. Either through the help chat in app or via


Hi Katja
thanks for the quick response. I’ll speak to your customer services team. Thanks! A

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