Timing of bond interest payments

I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but I think it would be beneficial if bond interest payments could be timed more favorably for those who wish to reinvest interest payments into the next bond issuance. At the moment, those receiving an interest payment at the start of November (for bonds issued at the start of October) will have to wait several weeks before that cash could be used in the next bond (I’m assuming here one bond issuance per month). That money will therefore earn no interest for about a month. If however interest payments were timed to occur a few days before typical bond bidding deadlines, the interest payouts will spend less time sitting in cash savings before the next bond.

This adds a bit of complexity to interest payments (as the first and last interest payments for any given bond issuance would not be for exactly 1 month interest) but perhaps not a significant increase in complexity?

Personally I wouldn’t like changing dates, it adds an extra bit confusion that I don’t think is needed. It also changes how Dozens show what your investment would be in its clear and easy to see way.