The People's Money Survey - results are in!

This is YOUR report, and your voices.

Many of you will remember that back in the summer the Dozens team was going around the country asking questions and sending out surveys to hear customers’ REAL thoughts on money, banking, mobile financial services, branches and more.

In a very real sense, this is all thanks to you. If you completed a survey, or maybe met with us on one of our several stops, then we hope we have captured some useful thoughts on people really want from their financial provider.

We’ve just published the report. It has been in the works for some months, and I have to say has been beautifully brought to life by our design team. Please take a read through and tell us your thoughts on the report.



I’ve given it a quick read, and thank you so much for sharing.

It’s fascinating to see everyone’s view in such an easily digestible format, and I think some other fintechs could learn a lot from the conclusions.

While I’m sure it’s quite far down the line, the personalised advice using data sounds like an interesting application.

The community aspect seems like the trickiest part for Dozens to implement to me. Although I think people will come round to communities forming in different ways, like this forum.

Also, yes awesome work design team :clap:


Thanks @Jack

So lovely to get feedback so quickly.

I hope to share some of the videos from the research soon as well

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Reading the report, I had two contradictory thoughts.

Firstly, the cash ripoff scams reported recently against pensioners just wouldn’t happen if they still knew their local branch managers - they would have walked into a branch with their money, or at least spoken to a branch manager first.

Secondly, branches were also where the massive financial consumer scams were perpetrated. We think of all the banking bosses as evil and local branch advisers as saints. I’m not sure that really adds up.

The core issue for me is that the same organisation is offering you advice and a product, so there will always be a conflict of interest. Consumers are ultimately better off looking at the whole market, or as much of it as they feasibly can.

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