The People's Money Survey is going on the road

We have been working on something new here at Dozens!

On Monday we are kicking off The People’s Money Survey in an effort to learn about people’s experience of banking. Our aim is to listen to people’s stories and use these to for a positive change in the banking sector.

Our first stop is the Spitfire Cafe in Swindon, where we will set up from 11am -1.30pm on coming Monday 17 June and listen to local residents talk about how banking has changed for them since the financial crisis in 2008, how bank branch closures have affected their day to day lives and whether new banks are a solution to their concerns.

If you are in or near Swindon, please come and join us! And even if there isn’t such a thing as a free lunch, we will be buying lunches for everyone who attends our discussion in Swindon!
You can register for free here: The People's Money Survey - Swindon Tickets, Mon 17 Jun 2019 at 08:30 | Eventbrite

Should you not be able to attend, then you can take the actual money survey here: The People's Money Survey

Looking forward to seeing some of you in Swindon! Spread the word!


Lol I filled one out. It is a good survey!


I look forward to reading what you all have to say

They’re interesting questions,… Lots to think about

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The community team is on its way to Swindon, reinforced with coffee.

Is anyone going to be joining us in person today?

Sadly, no. Unless you can make a detour to Majorca? R-

You know, it was a coin toss. Swindon or Majorca …

We went for the exotic option. Spitfire Cafe, here we come!

Not to worry. Survey Monkey version completed. Have fun in Swindon. R-


What an amazing day!

It is so energising to get out of the office and speak to people about their lives. In this case it was a cafe in an industrial estate, so it was office workers, factory staff, drivers, and clerical staff. People who are currently employed, but often still struggling with their finances.

I was struck by how open people were about their views on their finances and their attitudes to their banks - how they do not feel they have much of a relationship (and rarely a positive one) and yet they’ve not personally considered switching. We got an amazing number of detailed replies to our survey (follow the link above if you’ve not done it yet).

Customer Service comes very high on the list of things they mentioned that they DO like about their current bank - I guess if anything is going to make you switch, poor customer service will be a major contributor so they would not have stayed.

I was also personally interested to see how many people - and these were generally in the older age brackets - actually had a tool to manage their personal finances, either dedicated software, or a spreadsheet they built themselves. Maybe it is not very sophisticated, but gives them the basic information on balances and spending for doing their taxes. It would be interesting to sit with them to see how dozens’ app fits their lives - but the goal here was to listen, not talk, so that will be another day.

We really enjoyed the day at the Spitfire Café and the ladies there were very welcoming. Do go check it out if you are in the Swindon area (and try their bacon AND sausage bun … yummy!)