The happiest news you got this year?

There are many good reasons to share news when things go wrong - hopefully this is done so that it gets resolved and we can get back to out lives. But we don’t always do the same for good news. Maybe that’s because it might be seen as showing off, or maybe is just too personal.

That does mean that we might get left with a sense of things aren’t working, or with a negative outlook.

In the spirit of the season, and helping make ourselves feel better, and to know that there are others out there doing good things to make the world a better place, I came across this link (note, this is not our content):

I do love the illustrations that the artist has made to celebrate 50 selected feel-good stories from 2019.

Maybe things aren’t that bad after all?!

How about you? Can you share something good that happened to you, or that you learned this year? Is there something that added a little sparkle to your life?

You never know, we might even be able to persuade Dozens’ Illustrator to bring some of them to life so we can all share the happy feeling.

Sadly it is true - we hardly hear the good stuff. Mainstream news services prefer, in the main it seems, to want to tell us about the negative, dramatic and completely overwhelming news. So it was indeed refreshing to read the 50 items of good news on the Bored Panda site.

I have recently started to read a book called FACTFULNESS by Hans Rosling. It can be a bit heavy going but his presentation and then RE-presentation of facts in a positive and humorous light is in the same vein. In essence, and to use his flyleaf phrase, he gives the reader “Ten reasons we’re wrong about the world - and why things are better than you think”. Quite an eye-opener and a lesson in re-framing what we are given to digest.

Anyway, that was a happy discovery for me.


Great call!

I loved Hans Rosling’s videos (have you seen his TED talk?). I think that his son is continuing the mission to have us understand the stories behind the data at

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Yes, I knew his son and daughter-in-law are carrying on with the work.

Yet to see any video - so will find that, thanks.

It is great to bump into folk who inspire, encourage and motivate.


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Such a lovely idea, I am really liking this thread already! It kind of reminds me of The Happy Newspaper and also the Good News Network

I’ve had lots of happy moments this year, but probably the happiest and most rewarding thing was that me and my husband finally found our dream home and got the chance to get on the property ladder.

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I suppose my happiest news was when I learnt I would be working in the sun in Europe, my first flight out was 22nd May and I’m still travelling, 7 flights, 7 countries, 30 cities so far, although settled in Italy for the rest of the year.

I am one of these that see the good in things, so even if I wasn’t doing that, then it would be something like rescuing a kitten from wild dogs in Italy, or buying a Christmas tree and putting it outside for all to see, making them smile as they go past. Lots of happy times

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my favourite bit!

We sometimes underestimate the benefit we get ourselves from bringing happiness to others. Thanks for sharing that … any pictures?

I know it’s a little late now. But something amazing that happened to me this year was being kept on as a permanent employee of the company that has contracted me from my previous employer for the past 2 years. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but it seemed like the world to me when it happened (about 3 months ago) :heart:


never too late, and that is fabulous news!

I trust this added security will make it an even better holiday and you can make exciting plans for 2020

Well getting a permanent position meant I decided to move out of the shared house I’d been living in and into a more permanent flat, so most of 2020 will be paying off everything I bought on credit for that :sweat_smile:


Getting my current job. I actually had two new jobs this year - the first turned out to be awful, I stayed for three months. I soon got an offer for the same role at a different organisation and it’s everything I wanted. I’m very happy here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s great reading everyone’s stories, seeing how something small or big can mean everything to an individual (in a good way!).

But my happy news has to be finding out that I got a distinction in my Masters while simultaneously volunteering at a company which led to a permanent job within a month of me being there. 2019 hasn’t been the worst but it’s a base for 2020 to be a good year!