The dozens story is spreading - but some still find it hard to believe

So, … dozens recently got ‘reddited’* with a post in the UK Personal Finance community. Getting noticed in this sort of forum is great for a new business.

dozens kicked off our own conversation with potential customers by asking people to #questionyourbank so it is also fair that we get asked about our products too - and we’re happy to answer them.

It is a shame that we have got to a situation where offering a fair return from your own money “still feels a bit too good to be true” but hopefully we can help to change that and focus on decent savings rates again.

I thought I would share it here so you can take a look and if you have any thoughts or questions, do let me know :slight_smile:

I do recognise at least one username on this list but there may be some others, and I’m very grateful for you for responding and sharing your thoughts.

  • If you are not already familiar with Reddit then the basic information is that it is a VERY lively discussion site on literally everything you can imagine. It is a great way for ideas and news to spread, but one to treat with great care :wink:

Lots of scepticism in there. I tried to wade in and help allay some fears!

It’s actually been discussed before where it was dismissed as a Ponzi scheme. Will see if I can find the link.

That said, UKPF is a generally excellent Subreddit with some incredibly helpful people and advice. They just know what they know and stick to it!