The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

Just had confirmation my bid of £4800 was accepted fopr the December/January issuance… anyone else get confirmation and if so any idea on highest bid accepted?


I was accepted, too! :tada:

I’m sure that Robert will be along shortly with All The Stats :crossed_fingers:

Boom! Me too.

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Me 3! Wish I’d gone for more now…

£2,500, non-shareholder, bid on the morning the bids opened


Also got mine, love this product from dozen

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I have just shared the full December 2020 issuance details for your information with details of the allocations and bids achieved.

Although the full issuance was not taken up in this case, there were a substantial number of bidders who were accepted for the first time, sharing the benefit to many new customers.

I will reply to other matters in this conversation separately as they’re a bit more complex


For those that are here for the bonds (and why not, they’re good value), are you using any of the rest of the app? Am I right in saying that you’ll just go where the market leads?

(No criticism implied - I’m just wondering how much conversion Dozens is getting from this loss-leader).


Dec bid accepted, much higher than the usual amount.

:crossed_fingers: We can draw it out for a nice family holiday in the summer.

Thanks Dozens😀

Anyone know the allocation for this month?

It is £100,000 and I try to keep this thread updated for reference (see OP)


Good to see the Highest bid is quite high this time with the bigger share!

Also would be good to know how many bids are being made if possible?
To see if more people are bidding month by month? @robert

My fault for getting off topic.

All this info is provided in the linked post above

We know how many successful bids but not many total bids (including failed ones).

I understand the request, but I feel that we are already publishing a great deal of information, so I don’t think we will be adding that too.

Our goal is not to ‘gamify’ the bidding and issuance of bonds (by trying to calculate likely maximum accepted bids), but to make it easy for new customers to start their journey by being reassured seeing others taking part.


I do understand that reason for this, but OTOH how else are we supposed to pass the time during Lockdown 3.0? I completed Netflix in Lockdown 2! :slight_smile:


£1000 failed for me in this months round :frowning:

I’ll publish the full stats shortly, but I believe that the highest accepted bid this month was £1000, so it means that others managed to get a bid in before yours for that amount

sorry you missed out this time


£1000 worked for me, seems like I got lucky!

For the record I bid as soon as bidding opened so got in early

Ssh, don’t share the secret :slight_smile: