The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

Failed bid at £1,200… must have been more/higher bids than previous months.

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Sorry to hear that… my guess is that the cut-off will be £1000 with only the early bids being accepted.

Next month will be interesting as the £1,000,000 issue is returned 1st Nov…

Good guess @dan_g - and sorry you missed out this time @DrProsper

I’ve just posted the results, and as you can see there was a big increase in the total amount bid this month

I will be posting details of the next issuance shortly


I’m still perplexed by the constant bid(s) of 10/20/50k.

I know its hard to get decent interest on larger sums, but surely dripping 1k/month (usually accepted) into Dozen’s bonds and taking 0.5% on the rest is a better return than hoping nobody else bids on Dozens bonds this month…

Or do the people bidding this much not read the rules?


My £1500 bid didnt work out either… Damn you Dozens Bonds becomming more and more popular!! lol

Looking forward to the bumper issuance - good timing as my bumper bond from one of the previous £1m issuances ‘matures’ in November so be good timing for the next bumper issuance!!


No November issuance?


This was the November issuance, I think. End of October, starts in November.

They originally named issuances that way - issuance named for the month the bonds were actually issued rather than the month in which bids were placed.

But recently they’ve been naming issuances based on the month in which the bidding happens.

first, well spotted @o99

you are correct - but there’s a little more to the story

As we are about to go through the migration process for the cards, there will be some days in the next month where customers may not be able to bid for bonds or be always able to move money in and out for their bids. It is therefore prudent to not open the next issuance immediately. Instead, as we said in the emails that went out to bidders today:

"You won’t have to wait too long for another chance. Instead of its usual monthly £100k issuance, Dozens Savings plc will be launching a bigger, bumper issuance very soon! Make sure you’ve opted in to receive marketing emails from us to be the first to know when it goes live."

I will share the details of the issuance, including dates it will open and close, and the total value, as soon as I can. There’s a lot of news coming out in the next few days and weeks and this will be a big part of it, but there’s lots more exciting stuff too.


Was this email only to unsuccessful bidders? I was fortunate enough that my bid was successful but this text wasn’t included in the email…

yes as it was something immediately relevant to them and we needed to let them know about the bid and what comes next

the full news will be sent to all customers very soon, so you are getting a sneak preview here

BTW congratulations on a successful bid :slight_smile:


I’ve just logged into the app to find my first bonds have matured which was a pleasant surprise - can’t believe a year has passed already :slight_smile:

Should the app give you a notification that the bonds have matured? I only noticed as the “put aside this month” figure was higher than i expected

Update: no notification but I have received an email at around 4pm so that’s something


Same here. I knew the bonds were about to mature but I still think the app should give a notification.


You do get an email… although mine didn’t come until this afternoon.


Yes, I got the the email too. However, I’ve just come to expect notifications with app based banking. I just think it’s more efficient.

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All the debit notifications I wake up to on the 1st of the month would certainly be offset by a nice push message saying “here’s £100 you’d forgotten about” :slight_smile:


We will definitely address the notifications in the app once we upgrade. We do appreciate that we want to bring you this news in a timely fashion. Glad you all got your original money back as well.


@robert could you please respond to above question?

Can’t believe it’s a year since starting the bond. I’m going to miss that. It was encouraging to see the interest that was going to arrive each month. Definitely up for the next one. Thanks for the interest, Dozens!

(by the way, unrelated, but I don’t see ‘shareholder’ next to my name. Not that my share is going to change lives, but still… :slight_smile: ).


here you go …

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