The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

Got my email/push message saying my bid was accepted on Monday afternoon.

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My bid was accepted £300.

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thanks everyone, and congratulations if you were successful this time

I have now updated the usual topic with the statistics from this round, and the opening post has the details of the next round which will open on the first of the month


Thanks, always interesting to see the numbers.

The next issuance (Sept) I’m imagining will stay much the same - but when the first normal round from 2019 matures in October do you expect most people will put the money straight back in to the November round (that’s what I’ll likely do…)? If so are you expecting to do a larger issuance from Nov onwards?

Will be interesting to see what happens.

Any hints when the next issuance will be?


The September issuance is already avaliable

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My bid of £1,400 was successful.

How did you all do?

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mine was £1,500 also accepted :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! I’ll post the full results tomorrow, but you did well :slight_smile:

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£700 for me, pleased with that but wish I went for more now!

Well done :+1:

just made it :sunglasses:

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Oops I was travelling and forgot to bid.

No need to panic, there’s another issuance that opened today!

On a related note, I will be posting shortly about the October 2019 Issuance which matured today as well. Because of a break last year, this is actually only the second issuance to have completed a full cycle.

Anyone here have any money in that particular issuance and has seen that land in their account today?

Mine have turned up but it wasn’t obvious where they were as the main page says I’ve only got £1 in my current account.
They’re on the Grow tab as My Cash Savings.
Surprised that I didn’t get a message from the app when this happened.

Sorry Colin,

All investments come from, and get paid to, your Grow account. This is true of your interest as well.

Once the money is returned, you keep it in that account, particularly if you have it within an ISA.

However, if you need access, you can then withdraw it easily to your Spend account.


I had mine reach my account with no issues.

I do think that some notification of the sort should pop up suggesting that the bond has ended and the money is now accessible but other than that, it cleared into my cash savings straight away!


Me too, sitting in savings when I woke up. All very painless compared to other accounts where you have to jump through hoops to get the advertised interest rate.

Now what to spend my extra fiver on? :slight_smile:


Like others, was confused that there was no notification or email. Am slightly more confused though about the amount - put £100, expected to find £105 but my balance showing £101.22. I have not used my account much during recent chaos, but I’ll be damned if I can find the savings transaction list - was looking for it to help me see what happened - have I gone blind and simply missing it?

hi @erikhar and thanks for posting

this is a good issue to raise. The list for ‘Grow’ transactions is currently hidden and will remain so while we transition to our new system. Sorry about that. There were some issues with how the data was displayed, so to avoid confusion we had to work on this.

The interest on the bonds was paid each month over the year, and at maturity there are two transactions - the final interest and the return of the principal.

Is it possible that some money was transferred back to Spend? If you don’t recall this, you can get a transaction report from Customer Service but if you need this now, we sent you a 2019/20 Cash Savings Statement in June and you might be able to see any transactions in that.

Do let me know if there are still questions.