The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

You can simply do a bank transfer to your account, then boost your cash savings to suit your bid

Thanks, but I’m pretty disappointed (as an investor) that the app is so messy and top up is invisible. Seriously, you need a new UX team

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We’re always happy to get feedback on the design, and we’re currently working on many updates to the screens, so I’m sure the team will be happy to hear your thoughts.

The top up is not invisible however, it has been removed from the app so it is not a UX issue. To add funds you need to send funds from a separate account.

Does this help?

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@robert I do wish the payments section from the spend included the option to send to savings/grow rather than have to go to the grow section and pull the money from the spend section using the ‘+’ sign. It is unlike most other accounts and catches me out every time.
I’d prefer a ‘Transfer to grow’ option in the pay menu list.


Very good suggestion. I think this is under consideration already, but just in case I will make sure to pass it on to the team.


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One suggestion from me is that it should be possible to see the closing date for applying for a bond in the app before starting the application process.

You already see the issue date and the finish date but not this critical piece of info especially if your Grow account is empty


Thanks for that and great to hear from you!

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And… bond applications closed!

Anyone remember how long it takes to hear whether you’ve been successful?

For the March issuance the notification of success went out the the day after the bidding closed (bids closed 23 Feb then notification on afternoon of 24 Feb).


So based on that, you would expect this afternoon?

Yes based on that alone. But I don’t know how representative that was of other other months. Also, this month seems to be a non-standard allocation in the sense that those who had cancelled bids at the start of lockdown will be prioritised, but only if they bid exactly same amount this time round. I can imagine that might take longer to sort out.


Yes, very untypical round, so probably can’t go off previous

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Indeed, there are a few adjustments we are making to our regular process and communications to take this into account and we will complete the allocation process and publish the results as soon as that is done.

It should be completed today so we will get these emails out as quickly as we can after that.

You will not be surprised to hear that this issuance was heavily oversubscribed again and we will add the details to the usual historic list as well


Fingers crossed here… I’m guessing you got £500k total bids?

Since its not mentioned on the seedrs page, I assume not, but I’ll ask anyway. Will there be an issue with preference for shareholders investing in the current funding round?

Thanks for bidding for Dozens Savings Plc’s listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds. We’re pleased to let you know that your bid has been successful.

I like emails like that!


How much did you bid?

Just £300 was my first time bidding, I’m cautious with something new lol

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I think that was a sensible bid - I’d guess the cut-off (for new bids, ie people who didn’t have them cancelled in April) is likely to be 400 / 500.

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My £500 bid was just accepted. I reckon they’re working down the list

Edit: my bid did not qualify for the special treatment of the cancelled April bids