The Dozens migration to ClearBank accounts has been completed

The news is in:

Good news! The final stage of our migration, the move to our new banking partner, ClearBank, is now complete and your brand new Dozens account is ready in your app.

All customers should have received an email with this news. You will need to update your app to the very latest version in the app stores in order to see it, but you have a BRAND NEW ACCOUNT, and your balance has been transferred over.

Our new sort code can now also be revealed, as we all have new accounts with 04-13-14

To find yours, open the new app, and click on the icon in the top left to see your profile, then select ‘Account’

This is the number to give all your employer, friends and relatives - especially any who want to send you money for Christmas.

There will be further updates on new features coming to the app very soon which will also be shared here in the community.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us test all the migration to Visa, virtual cards, new ClearBank accounts and more over recent weeks. And thank to you for your patience as well.

There is more news in the email about upcoming events, and we’re pleased to say that the next issuance of Dozens Savings plc’s Fixed-Interest Listed Bonds will start accepting bids tomorrow (1/12/20) and that this issuance will be for £1,000,000


I just want to say well done to the team.

I hope it’s not too early to say this seems to have gone flawlessly, at least from my perspective :joy::sob::joy::sob::joy::sob:

My only slight criticism is over getting a plastic card because I “used it recently” I don’t think I did, but it would have been nice to be asked as I’d have most likely said no as I do not use it that much and if I do I do it through curve.

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I’m not normally one to hunt for perks, giveaways and gimmicks, so this message is highly unusual for me, but I have to say:

Thanks for giving me the most distinctive account number I’ve ever had! So easy to remember, and on par with my first iconic landline number, which I sadly had to give up.

Oddly enough, it feels like an incentive to use the account more. Beaten by psychology.


Now you have us intrigued … and wondering what your account number (that you probably should not share publicly!) actually is … :wink:

In any case, I’m glad it has had this (unintended but welcome) effect


Having just entered mine into something for the first time… I now notice mine has a nice pattern to it too…

Coincidence? or making life easier for the early adopters? :slight_smile:

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My account number was easy to remember too. Did a test transaction and went through so looks like I’m set.


Can’t say obviously, but - apologies to all sufferers - it’s highly OCD-friendly, and doesn’t need much to remember.


I think mine has a nice pattern to it as well!

I was a bit curious about what my new account number would be, as I liked my old account number. So I’m pleased that it has turned out to be a fairly easy to remember set of numbers.

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