Terms & Conditions

Read through these before getting in the queue but I can’t find a way to get back to them?

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Blimey you did well - I’ve not seen them at all. R-

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There will be a permanent link to them within the app. The queue system (which stops you seeing this) is only a temporary measure while we launch, so in future you will always have them to hand.

I know we are adding them to the website, which is being updated at the moment. Not sure if that page is up, but will share link here when it is :slight_smile:

If it is urgent for any reason, please email our Helpdesk and we can email a copy

Thanks again

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There was a tick box to say you’d agreed to them and that had hyperlinks :wink:

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Thanks - have to say I don’t remember the T&C’s tick box (not unusual) and didn’t notice the Hyperlinks either. I’ll read them when they are put up on the web site. R-

Note to self: Find glasses.

I remember I had to slightly scroll the window down on my Nexus 6 to see the T+Cs during signup.

They are now up on the main site :slight_smile: