Swift code / Iban

Hi Guys,

Recently recived the code to join and still waiting for the card but had a question as the seach function dod not return any answer.

Can I use the account to receive foreign currency? Namely US Dollar. I suppose for that I’ll need the Iban and Swift code.


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I think they’d specifically mention if you can receive foreign currency to the account via SWIFT.

My suggestion would be to open a Transferwise Borderless account and to accept the USD transfer into their local account. From there you can transfer it to your Dozens account using a sort code and account number!

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We don’t have the IBAN facility for the accounts yet, but this will be in place shortly for international transfers.

Are Euro accounts out of the question in the very distant future? While we’re on the topic of IBAN’s!

As a suggestion if they do, can you issue them separate cards in a Euro based country :sweat_smile: so we don’t get DCC bombed.